Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Responding to comments.

I am really new to blogging. I have been doing this for what 4 months now. Gee... that sounds like a long time but I still don't feel like I know what I am doing and I am learning new things all the time. But I have a question for anyone who also uses Blogger.

I love to receive comments. It is always fun to see what other people have to say about what ever I posted about. Plus it just makes me feel like I am actually talking to someone other than myself. I have actually received a few questions via comments and feel bad that I don't know how to reply except to comment again on the post.

I get an email in my gmail inbox that tells me that someone commented and what the comment says but the email is always sent from a noreply@blogger address. So I can't reply directly to the person who commented. Do I have some setting that is making it do this? and if so how do I change this. Or is there some other way to respond without having to just comment again on my post. I would like to make sure the person who commented knows that did read what they took the time to write. I would like to be able to actually respond to questions and such but am just clueless... not rude.

Can anyone help?

One of the questions that I never answered:

Lee asked how I prepare my salmon that I splurge on.

There are a few ways I cook salmon.
Often I just make it baked with lemon juice and lemon pepper on it.

I also sometimes bake it in teriyaki sauce.
It is a different flavor than I usually expect for salmon but it is fun to have variety.

But my family loves it when I make it fried with stewed tomatoes.
I can't find the original recipe anymore and I couldn't find a picture on the web that even closely resembled this recipe. I will just try to explain how it is made. I don't know all the cooking terms. I am not an expert.
I just use the frozen Costco Salmon that has each piece individually wrapped. Roll the thawed salmon in a bit of flour until it is coated. Then put the pieces in a medium hot skillet with a few tablespoons of olive oil. Fry the salmon a few min on each side until it is golden brown. Or until you know it is cooked through. Remove the salmon and place it on a plate. Then open a can of stewed tomatoes and pour that in the hot skillet. Chop up a clove or two of fresh garlic and let that simmer a little while.Lightly salt and pepper the salmon on the plate. Then add a dash of basil to the tomatoes in the pan. Fresh if you have it but I often just use dried. Put Salmon back into the tomato mixture and let it sit for a min.

I usually serve this over a little pasta. The whole thing takes no longer then 20 min. It is seriously great! I wish I could find the actual recipe. I got it from a Real Simple magazine a few years ago. It also had a few variations on the page that we have tried but we love the original recipe the best.

I hope that makes a little sense.


nina said...

It is my understanding that everyone has the same issue with Blogger. One of the great things about Typepad (the fee based blog provider that I use) is that you can respond to comments by pressing reply on the email notification. For some odd reason you can't do that on blogger. I have seen someone forward the comment and then respond in the forwarded email.

I love getting comments. I don't always respond but I try and make sure I am in conversation with the other person by commenting on their site.

Many people respond in the comments section which works fine for most. I am not particuarily fond of backtracking to read a response.

Hope this helps. I would love to start a practice on blogging comments to use the acronym NNTR meaning No need to respond. But perhaps that would be rude. :)

Sea Star said...

Thanks, Nina, for the update on blogger. Now I understand why so many people are frustrated with Blogger.

I have actually tried to forward the comment email I receive but since I don't have email addresses for all those that respond I haven't even been able to do that.

Maybe switching blog providers is something to look into.

Thanks again for reading my blog and commenting.

Cellista said...

No help with blogger, but the salmon sure sounds yummy!! I have a great salmon marinade/basting sauce that I like to use, but maybe I'll have to try yours.

With wordpress, people can choose to enter their email address when they leave their comment. Most do but I'm really bad at responding, though it's usually the same people and I visit their blogs and comment to them, so I figure we're all good.
Aren't we?! :)

I could email everybody that comments on my blog because I do like that interaction as well, but that can get time consuming and I spend enough time here as it is.

Me and Them said...

I'm sort of new to this too! So I really appreciated you asking the question. I need a site that teaches me about blogging etiquette. I sometimes feel like I'm just fumbling around...It's different to try and portray my good manners through a key board!
I appreiciate your comments on my blog! Your blog is wonderful..yum, yum, yummy salmon recipe. Thank you for responding to that question. :D

my5wolfcubs said...

I missed this! I just went to Costo (and bought my usual tilapia) but next time, I'll get salmon! Thanks!!
PS I JUST noticed another little box below this leave your comment box -- it says to email follow up comment to my email address. I'll try it and see what happens!