Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween books

Today at the library I picked out some Halloween books. Our library pulls out all the Halloween books and has a special section of them all through the month of October. Last week I had picked out a few without reading them first, just a quick glance through and I was very disappointed in them. They were promptly returned this week. I don't like books that get too into the evilness of halloween. Why would anyone make that kind of Children's book? One was just a halloween alphabet book and I didn't make it past letter D before stopping. I just couldn't read it my children any more. So today I picked out a few books that I remember getting last year. We own a few good Halloween books because it is Sophie's favorite holiday so, trick-or-treat books seem to make it to our house a lot. Just before bed tonight Sophie was quietly reading Cranberry Halloween. We love these Cranberry books. FIAR intoduced Cranberry Thanksgiving to us and we have now read many of the other Cranberry books. We really like them and I look forward to reading each of them for the different holidays. The recipes at the end are also fun to make.

My kids love Berenstain Bears books and we have their Trick-or-Treat book which is fun for Halloween. Teaches a good lesson too.

We enjoyed Gail Gibbons Halloween book today. It was a fair overview of the history of Halloween without going into too much detail.

There are a few others that we read but none of them are that exciting. Nothing that really stan out as great books. Does anyone have any Halloween books that they like? My kids love this holiday but I am having trouble finding good books. I would love some ideas!

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