Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ian actually played!

Today Ian had his third soccer game. This was the first one that he actually would play in. Not that his team didn't need him in the other games but Ian wouldn't go out there and play. He was in the first game just long enough to have the other team steal the ball from him and score a goal. He left that game in tears and wouldn't go in the rest of the game. At practice Ian is great. He loves to run around and dribble his ball and kick goals but once there was another team to play he didn't want anything to do with it. His 2nd game he wouldn't go in at all. We sat on the sidelines trying to convince him to go out there. He wouldn't do it and was in tears because we were "working" on him. I thought maybe it was just too early to sign him up for soccer. He is only almost 4. And I have tried really hard to teach my kids to take turns and share. This stealing balls from other kids just didn't jive in his mind with what we have taught him.

His team is dwindling quickly there were only 5 kids at todays game so each of those 5 kids played a lot! I think a lot of the kids his age are having a hand time dealing with such a demanding sport.


Cellista said...

How awesome! We haven't even attempted organized sports yet because I know they wouldn't even go out there to play. We've tried a homeschool sports group and their attention span for the ball is about 2 minutes.

Sea Star said...

Usually I wouldn't have signed up my kids for competitive sports so early. But this looked so fun for Ian and he really has loved practice each week. It was just the games he hasn't loved. He doesn't quite understand why they can't just all take turns and play games like at practice. The coach is very good about doing things to keep their attention with games and such during practice. Games aren't too bad because the kids are in and out a lot.

nina said...

That is a darling photo of Ian. My dd is almost four as well and I cannot imagine her paying a bit of attention to an organized sport. If Ian is doing it even a little bit, I would be thrilled.