Monday, April 20, 2015

Before April passes completely

With Spring weather making it harder to keep the kids inside to do their school work, I figured it was a great time to break out some of those Science kits that have been sitting on the shelves waiting for just such a moment.  This Magic School bus Engineering kit was a little too basic for my boys while being a bit too advanced for Molly. Everyone still had a good time building the different projects.

We never could get the balloon powered car to go but since we had done that particular experiment last year at Cub Scout Camp it didn't bother anyone.

The favorite experiment by far was the solar oven. We decided to bake a few Peeps in our oven. We added some chocolate chips and then waited to see what the sun would do to our marshmallow friends.

 They puffed up rather nicely and the chocolate got soft and glossy after just a few min out in our oven.  Everyone decided, after getting to eat a sample, that this is a great way to eat peeps.  Warm melty marshmallows was a yummy way to learn some science.
I guess I could make a separate post but since this is ending up being a summary of the beginning of our April.

We had an Egg Hunt at Grandma's house on Easter Sunday Morning

Even the 15 year old cousin joined into the search. No one was too old to go out and hunt eggs.

 A purple egg hiding in the violets!

 Grandma finally made it home about a week before Easter. After a month of her being in the hospital it was great to see her at home enjoying time with the family.

 Grandma still tires very quickly so Grandpa is usually the cook around their house. Easter Breakfast consisted of croisants and a green smoothy. There may have even been some scrambled eggs too.

It was an awesome Easter day with Family.