Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Field Trip - San Francisco Zoo

It is starting to feel like we are always going on field trips. Our trip to the zoo has become a yearly trip. We have gone the first Wednesday in October for the last 3 years. The first Wednesday of any month is their free day. October just happens to be the perfect month for us. It is before the weather gets too cold, but after school starts. Most of the kids are at school but before school field trips start. We have gone in the spring time before and it was not nearly as fun because there were bus loads of kids there that my kids had to fight to get to the front so they could see the animals. We actually invited a few of our friends to go with us today and we all had a great time.

Another great day!

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Andrea said...

You do some really fun field trips! How do you like homeschooling? I have been considering it with my kids for a while but only this year have felt some kind of desperate need to do it. I'm a little intimidated by the thought and wonder if I will be enough. I would love your insight! Email me when you have some time. Thanks!