Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Each Kid has now had an ER visit

I sent the kid outside to ride their bikes while I was busy making dinner a few nights ago.  Just as I had the dinner almost done Sophie runs in frantic and tells me to come help Ian. I could hear him screaming so I ran out expecting him to have a broken arm or leg or something. But he was standing up near his bike at the bottom of a small hill/rise. Evidently they were racing up and down the sidewalk that goes up and down this slight hill. Ian went off the sidewalk and down the hill to the street below.  I could see blood all over his chin and it was dripping on his shirt. 

He was walking so I had Sophie run down and bring his bike back up and he climbed up the hill to me and we went inside the house. I had him lay down so I could clean him up a bit and see the damage.  
The cut wasn't big but it was deep. I could see the fat layer under the skin. I knew this was going to need stiches. I quickly called my husband who was due home in about 10 min. He told us to just wait for him and he would go with us to the ER.  The ER is about 20 minutes away I am glad he went with us and that Sophie could stay home with the other kids. We ended up being there for about 3 hours.

 You can still see a hint of the ringworm on his face that hasn't quite gone away.

 Because he also had some bruising and a lacerations on his tummy from hitting the handle bars they wanted to do a CT scan to make sure there was no internal damage. This ment he needed an IV. They have to put some coloring into the blood stream before doing a CT scan.
 I think the IV was the worst part. Ian has never been good about needles so having to have an IV put in was not easy for him.
 He did really well when the doctor finally came in to actually stitch him up.  The doctor had to do another series of localized pain killing shots at the site and Ian was perfect during this. I was shocked.  Ian hasn't held still for any shots before. Even as a baby he had to be held very tightly when he was givin immunizations. But he held still for the sewing part and he said he didn't feel anything. The pain blocker worked.
He has four widely spaced stitches. He looks like has some dark whiskers on his chin. In a few days we will head to the clinic to have these stitches removed. I hope he holds as still for the nurse as he did for the doctor.

I guess every kid ends up making a trip to the ER at some point in their lives. Ian used to be able to claim that he hadn't ever had to go but now he has a battle wound and most likely a small scar to prove he is an active normal child.

Thankgoodness for health professionals. As cool as it was to watch the doctor stitch him up, I know I wouldn't be able to do that. I am really grateful someone is able to do it and has the skills to take care of the rest of us squimish people.

Sorry the photos are kinda poor. I took them with my non smart phone. It doesn't have the greatest camera on it. But at least I got to document the moment some how.

A Bit of Art

There is no shortage of art work being done in our house. Sketch books are filled and lots of pencils and paper are used up. It is really fun to watch them inprove in their skills.

 Here is a Minecraft drawing Ian did one day while waiting for his piano lesson.

 Sophie has been doing a whole series of Dragons all with Fall and harvest themes. This one is my favorite.
 For Henry's art class he needed to do a pointilism picture so I broke out the markers and we did some pumpkins using only dots.  Sophias were beautiful
 Here is Henry's even with a jack-o-lantern face
Molly did a pretty good job but lost patience with the dotting and just started coloring.

 Here is Ian's pumpkin and a little wolf that he was pleased with.

Henry was also given an assignment to make a name tag and use cut out pieces of paper. He cut out some items from his lego magazine to go along with it. Of course all the kids had to create their own name tags too. I just didn't take photos of their creations. They were quickly hung up on their walls.

There are plenty more drawings and projects I just need to remember to take pictures of them.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dr. Who

Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Doctor Who?

This is Molly's favorite joke that she made up all by herself.

Can you tell we have been introducing the kids to another t.v. show.

I didn't grow up watching Dr. Who. It was kinda out of popularity when I was young but my husband grew up watching this British t.v. show. He knows all the different men who played the Doctor as well as all the lady assistants that have come and gone over the years.  He watched a few episodes of some of the latest seasons when they became availiable on Netflix but I honestly would fall asleep within 10 min of starting. But then one day I actually stayed awake for an entire eppisode and got a little hooked.  I watched most of the last season where Matt Smith played the Doctor and got to know more about the series and the different reoccuring characters.  The kids would hear us watch eppisodes after they went to bed and soon decided they would like to watch them as well. I decided to go back to when Christopher Eccleston brought Dr. Who back. The kids loved that first episode and watched several more from that season. They sort of picked and choosed episodes that they felt like weren't as scary as the others. But before they knew it there was a new doctor.

They really like the 10th doctor played by David Tennant. We are slowly working our way through these seasons. He and rose play a big role in my kids lego building, art drawings and discussions.

I was recently given the opportunity to read and review a Dr. Who novel.  I had no idea there was such a thing but evidently you can read a eppisode rather than watch it.

This book is based on the 12th doctor who is played by Peter Capaldi.  It takes place in Victorian London and also includes some of my favorite supporting characters Madame Vastra, Jenni and Strax.  While reading the book the characters jumped right off the page. It helped that I had seen most of them before in the t.v. show but their voices and manerisms seemed just like I would expect. All except the Doctor. I have never seen this newest incarnation of the Doctor and from the way he interacts with the other characters I can tell he is very different than the 11th, 10th and 9th doctors which I have already become aquainted with.  The Doctor in this book was rather grumpy and sarcastic with everyone. I kept thinking Clara should slap him or something because he was just plane rude to her on multiple occations. I just don't think she would put up with that no mater how exciting traveling through time and space would be or how much she liked the former Doctor. I just thought he was too stiff and unfriendly and didn't seem to really enjoy what he was doing. This is quite different from the former Doctors who really wanted to save earth and all the people on it.

But this isn't supposed to be a review of the Doctor himself. I am supposed to review the book.  The plot of this one is very well written and has all sorts of twists and turns and you really don't know what is coming next. It was a lot of fun to read and picture in my head. My husband actually read it aloud to me so we could both enjoy it.  It was hard to wait to read again becasuse I am so used to it all coming together in a tidy one hour episode and having to drag it out over the course of a book made it drag a little but that could be just because I was having to wait until my husband came to to read it again.

This is a very fun additon for any Doctor who fan. I don't know if it would be as fun a read if I hadn't already gotten to know most of the characters and knew the background of the doctor and such.

I look forward to reading another Doctor Who novel now that I know they are out there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Trim

While at soccer practice today Molly decided to go through my purse. She gave some gum to hersefl and her friend. On the way home from practice Molly said "I must have swallowed my gum". We then had the discussion about how gum takes a long time to digest and really shouldn't be swallowed. Then shortly before getting to the door I hear "oh here it is in my hair".  I said we would take care of it when we got inside.

I had a few extra kids to heard into the house and one who wanted to ride the rip stick in the cul-de-sac so it took me a few minutes to get from the car to the garage to get the ripstick and then into the house. When I walked in, Molly handed me a large chunck of hair and said "I got the gum out". She must have bee lined it for the scissor drawer because she couldn't have been that much ahead of me.

Now with a handful of hair now missing from one side of her head I figured I better even it out and give her a short cut. Molly's hair took a long time to grow in and she really hasn't had a cut ever in her life. But tonight she got a good 6 inches cut off.

 She thinks that she is a whole new girl and that nobody will recognise her.