Saturday, May 6, 2017

Woman's Conference BYU

 My Dad's Christmas gift to my mom was a trip to Provo to attend Woman's Conference and have all her daughters and daughter in law attend with her.  So we all flew into Salt Lake City from Arizona, Southern California, North Carolina and Sacramento.
 We took this picture when we got into Salt Lake city and realized later that we had posed in front of the food court. Silly us!
 We walked around Temple Square enjoying the beautiful flowers
 Joseph Smith Building was lovely.

 Got a good look at Temple Square from up at the top of the Joseph Smith Building.

 Took a tour of the Beehive house.

 Even went into the tabernacle and assembly hall.

 We got to say in Helaman Halls for a few nights. Lovely dorm rooms. I can't even imagine living like that again. How do college students do it?

 We did get some ice cream from the creamery.
 We were almost always too late to get close seats so always sat up in the nosebleed section of the Marriot center.

 I ran into my old roommate Jennifer Olsen now Lyman.
 Saw this stack of blankets as artwork in the art museum and thought of Julie.
 Alumni building at night.
 Minerva Teichert Book of mormon paintings were on exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art.

 Waited in lines to get into the classes we wanted to attend.

 Lots and lots of ladies here to see Elder Gary E. Stevenson speak to the whole group. We were so late to find seats we had to see behind him. So we ended up getting to read his talk off the prompters.
 This is what Heritage Halls looks like now. Certainly different that when I lived here my first year at BYU.
 Went to see the new Provo City Center temple.  Parking is underground.

 Back to Salt Lake to take a tour of the Conference center before heading to the airport

 And a quick tour of the Church History museum.

As we flew home I heard my mom say.  "Well, that was fun. But I don't need to do that again." I think getting to hang out with my sisters and my mom was fun. Woman's conference was alright. Some of the classes we attended were not that exciting and we were not able to get into some of the classes we wanted to go to.  It was a nice few days but not something I need to do on a regular yearly basis.