Saturday, May 7, 2016

We do parks in the rain!

 So it was our day to visit 6 Flags in Vallejo. Which, when I was a kid was called, "Marine World, Africa, USA" now it is called Discovery Kingdom.  Our charter school bought tickets for us to go on this specific day so even though it was raining we headed to the park. We don't wish rain away here in California. We get out and enjoy it!

The park has lots of animals as well as rides.
 Here is a huge walrus. Hard to see through the plexiglass.
 Riding the kiddie swings is a good start to the rides.

 Then we rode the Monsoon and the wetness get started.  Sophie snapped the picture of us taking the plunge. Molly was holding on tight to me as we went down the fall.

 We saw the tiger show and visited the white tiger, Odin.
 No pictures of the rapids ride but we went on it twice because we love it so much but Ian and I were soaked by the waterfall both times we headed down the rapids.   We spent the rest of the day soggy because there wasn't much sun to heat us dry.
 Molly rode the elephant flying ride but then got to ride a real one.

 The kids all thought this was the highlight of this visit. An Elephant ride is not something you get to do everyday.

 We saw snakes.

 Oh yeah we rode a rollar coaster, dragged Sophie and Molly on it too but then nobody, even Henry, didn't want to ride the ones that loop or go upside down.  But Ian thought the Sky Screamer was a lot of fun!

 This ride was a good air dryer. I started to feel less soggy after whipping around on this ride.



 We rode the train
 flew some helicopters
 And had a great time!

Despite the rain we saw and rode a whole lot. I didn't even take pictures of the dolphin shows we saw.  I guess because we came last year as well and saw many of the same shows I didn't even think to snap shots of them. I just kept thinking out fun it would be to swim with the dolphins like those trainers do.  Maybe some year we will all go swim with the dolphins.

What happened in April?

I obviously didn't do much blogging!   So here are a few of the exciting things that happened around our house during the month of April. 

Peezy hung out with the Ender Man.
 The boys and Molly went camping. Sophie had Basketball so she and I stayed home and watched Jane Austen while the others roughed it in the hills above Oakland with the ward.
 There were lots of kids there to play with and enjoy campfire songs, skits and smores.
 And lots of trees to climb. The boys and Molly all thought it was a really fun place to camp.  I think the fun was really getting to hang out with all those friends from church. But Henry officially finished his Camper adventure in Cub Scouts so he is done with his Arrow of Light. As his Webelos Leader that makes me very happy!

 Peezy was photographed quite a bit. When I went to look through what pictures we took this past month there were lots of our cat! Sophie calls the one above Peezy's Selfie because it looks like she is reaching out holding the camera. I think she was actually just telling Sophie to leave her alone!
 She is a beautiful kitty!

 There was lots of jumping on the trampoline. It is used at my kids fort. They spend a lot of time jumping but often I look out and they are all just sitting or lounging out there talking. Sophie says the topic is usually about video games but since she spends so much time out there too I think there must be more discussed than just video games.
 Here is another one of Pezzy. This time she was attacking the rug.
 For one of Ian's classes he watched a video of a man who stacked rocks and made rock art. So the kids went outside and gathered rocks and bark and such and started making stacks.  Balancing rocks on one another.

 This one was Molly's creation I believe. She stacked a few buckets in there too I guess.

Peezy again! This time she is at the back sliding door looking out at the back yard. Lots of birds visit our yard. They must love the tall weeds that we just couldn't keep up with. We are waiting for the sun to bake them. We just keep getting just enough rain to keep them green and growing.

 Here is Peezy with her favorite person. When he comes home from work she is aways right with him begging to be rubbed and pet.

 My kids love to take selfies' of themselves.

 There was a lot of Lego play!
 Some Juggling.
 My Webelos den visited the local fire station to talk to some First Responders.
 Here is Henry's lego creation. He made a "google". That was the name of one of his Webkins toys that is now lost so he made it out of Legos to help him remember it.
That about sums up our April. We did a lot of stuff. I just don't get around to posting about any of them.  Mostly we hung out at home, did a lot of school work and had a few outings scattered throughout.