Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday - Henry's Favorite Books

My little, now 2 year old, Henry loves to read books. For this I am truely grateful. Here are a list of some of his favorite books. I don't know if all 2 yr olds would like them because I know some of them he likes because we read them to the older 2 all the time. But these are the ones I read to him a lot or that I can actually find him looking through on his own.

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - this has been a favorite of his for years now. We own 2 copies one that sits on the shelf at home and one that travels with us in the car. I have recently added something new to our reading of this book. With all the Signing time videos we have watched we can sign almost all the different things the caterpillar eats and their colors so we often review our signs while we read.

2. The Little Engine that Could - Train books are kinda a new on Henry's list but he loves to look at them. This one in particular is one that travels with him in the car a lot. Very colorful and fun pictures to look at I guess. I hear a lot of "Choo Choo" from the back while I drive.

3. Little People Lift the flap book - I find Henry on the floor looking through this one a lot. I am always a little scared when things get too quiet. Henry is usually into something but sometimes he is just sitting on the floor with this book open and looking at all the pictures and lifting all the flaps.

4. Inside guides the Human Body - On Saturday we went to a wedding of a work friend of my husbands. Henry decided that this body book had to come with him. I thought it was fine for the ride in the car but no he had to bring it along to the actual ceremony. So while this couple was exchanging rings and reciting vows Henry was looking at the urinary system. He loves the page with the kidneys and bladder for some reason. It is almost always open to this page.

5. Good Night Sweet Buterflies - This one is in our go to church bag. Again we sign the colors and some of the animals on the pages but the holes in this book are the draw for Henry. He loves to grab my fingers as I poke them through the holes. Not the most reverant activity for Church but he does giggle quietly at least.

6. I Spy Spooky Night - Henry loves all the I Spy books. We poor over them all the time and he knows where to find them at the library but Spooky Night is his absolute favorite. He can find the skeleton on every page and loves to point it out. Yesterday at the pumpkin patch we went into their shop and found a little bendable skeleton man that looks just like the one in this book. We had to take it home and Henry took it to bed with him last night.

7. Curious George - For his birthday I gave him the complete collection of Curious George books. We have checked them out of the library so much I figured it was time we just owned them. We read through at least one of the stories every day now.

8. Berainstain Bears - All my kids love Berainstain bear books. When I can't find Sophie at the library it is in the Berenstain Bears book section I usually find her. We read these ones all the time too. Henry loves the Spooky Old Tree and Bears in the Night a lot but any of them will do. I think it is the animals he loves to look at.

9. What do People do All Day - Richard Scarry Books are a favorite around here. Henry of course has picked up on this and now brings these big books to me to read to him. What do People do All Day is a current favorite but he also loves Cars Trucks and Things that Go and Busy Busy World book ever.

10. Magic School Bus - I don't know how much he understands from these books but these are another one that he often picks off the shelf for me to read to him. He doesn't really have a preference for any one in particular he just loves them all.
I perfer the ones by Joanna Cole over the ones based on the TV show but my kids love all of them and luckily we have found just about all of them on the used book shelf so we have a bunch to choose from.


Cellista said...

I love your #4! That is too funny.

Me and Them said...

Those are great books! My thumbs are up for all of them (I agree with cellista-- #4 made me giggle). I really enjoy your blog!

nina said...

We love all those books as well. I love this type of review where you get to know the readers as well as the book. :)