Sunday, October 7, 2007

What did we do for school last week

It was a good week for school. We actually started school with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer each day. This is something I had wanted to start the day with for awhile but it just never seemed to happen. Now the kids are asking to do it. Ian is even starting to catch onto the words of the pledge. We also were really good about devotional too which for some reason has been a bit hit and miss. But we read scripture and a story from the Friend magazine each day. This has a very good thing.

We also started First Language Lessons which seems to be going alright. But Sophie always seems to already know what the lesson is trying to teach. But each day I have tried to keep to the lesson. The first few lessons are about nouns We made it up to the lesson on proper nouns. So now Sophie is pointing out nouns all around us. On cereal boxes in every book we read even driving down the street she points out nouns that she sees. So I think she gets the idea of what a noun is.

We also did some history lessons and read a lot of books about Egypt. We really like The Winged Cat. Sophie decorated her cardboard mummy case (I still haven't taken a picture of it). I was going to mummify an apple or something but she actually didn't seem that interested so we skipped that and just colored pictures from our Egypt coloring book. I think she will be happy that we will be starting something a little different in the next lesson.

For math this week we broke out the piggy bank. The kids had a great time counting money. We discussed the different values of each of the different coins. We also talked about how many pennies would equal the value of a nickel, dime, quarter. This concept took a little while before she understood and I still don't know if she does. We may do this lesson again. She is able to tell what each coin is worth so that is a good step forward.

I have had some really good luck on the used books this week as well. We got a fun book via paperback swap. Birds do the strangest things I also found Crinkleroots guide to knowing the birds at the library used book sale. They have been fun to look through this week. I love Crinkleroot books. We check them out of the library often.

We have been listening to a lot of music this week as well. Scott Joplin is our musician for the month so we have been listening to a little ragtime each day. I also introduced Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat to them. A little early since we will be studying the story of Joseph next week I think for history. But Sophie actually really loved it. Which reminds me I need to put the film on my Netflix queue. My friend Amy told me about A Year with Frog and Toad. Sophie and Ian have suddenly had a renewed interest in the books and have found them on our crammed shelves to read them again. They were so excited to see the stories in the books after listening to the music.

That is about it. We have read a lot of books and played a lot and of course had our trip to the zoo. So it was a very busy but fun and successful week I think.

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