Monday, October 22, 2007

One of those days.

This afternoon, after trying (roll eyes here) to do some school this morning I decided we needed to get out and enjoy the sunny warm weather and some fresh air. We drove over to one of our favorite parks and ran around for a bit. While the kids ran around I sat under a tree and just watched the birds skitter about the trees. Then I saw a squirrel up in the tree and pointed it out to the boys. They too sat down with me and we just watched this little gray squirrel balance on a tiny branch and reach out for some little branches. It was intent on eating what ever it found there and we just enjoyed watching it. I was surprised at how long the boys sat and watched it. Ian even pointed out that it uses its tail to balance itself. I guess we have read a few books about squirrels so he know that information and when he saw it in real life he recognized what he was seeing.

We had a pleasant visit to the park and I think the kids got some wiggles out. Hopefully schoolish type things will happen tomorrow. At least we got in scriptures, sort of, and Sophie did read me Nate the Great and the Haloween Hunt before things got too out of control this morning. I was actually really surprised that Ian was able to tell me the story of Jospeh so well. I guess he does pay attention when we are reading books.

Now I need to take the boys and bake some cookies. I promised them they could help me make something. So I am off to the kitchen to throw together some Chocolate Chip cookies. Just what we all need some sugar and CHOCOLATE! YUM!


my5wolfcubs said...

Little outdoor time and chocolate? That sounds great! Although, I know all about what leads up to such days. LOL
Hope the cookies turned out great and the mess wasn't too bad!

Me and Them said...

A trip to the park and chocolate and sugar...You are the best mom ever! I loved reading this because it makes me feel good about homeschooling. :D