Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday -What's in Ian's Pockets

Ian is almost 4 years old and suddenly he seems like such a little boy rather than my little toddler. I have recently started looking for clothes for him in the little boy sections rather than then baby and toddler sections. But one of the most profound boyish things I have noticed of late is that Ian loves to have things in his pockets. All those books that describe a mom emptying out the pockets of her boys before doing the laundry are true! Boys love to fill their pockets with all the necessary things of life. Here are some of Ian's favorite things to carry around with him in his pockets.

1. Bob the Builder - Ian is a big fan of Bob the Builder and almost always has one of his little figures in his pocket. Bob goes everywhere with him

2. Little People guys - Bob needs friends I guess because Ian usually has one of the little people mechanics with him as well.

3. Rubber Bands or pony tails - Rubber bands are almost always wrapped around this little guys. I don't know exactly why the rubber bands are necessary but I guess it is easier to attach string to them then.

4. String - I find myself being asked to untie knots and then retie knots in string all day long. Ian loves to have his Bob the builder trucks drag each other or blocks or even people around and string is necessary for this.

5. Tools - Ian has a number of plastic play tools. He often has these stashed in his pockets. He has a little wrench that often travels with him. He used to have a little pocket knife that made it here from Grandma's house but I haven't seen it in awhile. Dad can't seem to find the tape measure from his tool kit. I am sure it ended up in Ian's pocket and then left somewhere where we haven't found it yet.

6. Green bendable ties that you can get in the produce section of the store. - Every time we go to the grocery store Ian picks up a new supply of these twist ties. I don't know what exactly he does with these but he loves to fill his pockets with them. I find them all over the car and the house.

7. Little dinosaurs - He recently found these little dinos at the bottom of my diaper bag and they have quickly been added to his stash. He loves to use the strings and then swing them around.

8. Popcicle sticks or blocks - Ian needs something to haul around with the Bob trucks or something to tie the strings to so he has raided my supply closet recently and took a few popcicle sticks.

9. Barrettes - Sophie's drawer of hair supplies is dwindling fast. Almost all her ponytail holders and barrettes have been taken to either adorn her animals with or to be used on Ian's strings.

10.Yo Yo - Ian has been begging and begging for a Yo Yo for weeks now. At the dollar store last week we found one that he now keeps a tight hold of. He loves it and carries is around with him. He is actually trying to use it as a yo yo at times but mostly it is another string to tie up other toys with. It ended up with us a church on Sunday and that along with one plastic dinosaur kept him quiet though the meeting. Not the most reverent but he was quiet and not fighting with Henry. He really wanted it to go to Nursery with him but I had to put my food down and say no because I didn't want it to get mixed up with their toys. But when I went in later to pick him up evidently he had a few other items in his pockets including a piece of string and a few hair ties.

I think Ian needs a few pairs of Cargo pants to hold all these toys in!


My Ice Cream Diary said...

He sounds like a future engineer. One of my guys loves small things as well. If he gets a teenage mutant ninja turtle, forget the turtle, he just wants the tiny sword that comes with it. He will carry it in his pocket for MONTHS without loosing it.

nina said...

So that is why there are so many pockets on little boy's pants. I keep thinking I'm crazy for not being able to find simple pants!

I love reading about little boys to discover what is coming next in raising my little guy.

my5wolfcubs said...

LOL about the green twist ties -- guess we aren't the only family who keeps the twist tie company in business! :)

I couldn't see your stick family -- there is just a little blue question mark square. I've had that trouble with some pictures and don't know how to fix it. :(


Me and Them said...

It makes laundry a fun adventure sometimes... :D