Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Guilty Pleasure - Mind Candy?

I almost hate to admit this but at the same time it makes me giggle at myself.

I have spent the last few days catching up on The Princess Diaries. Last week when we went to the library I walked down the C aisle of the "older" children's books, probably chasing Henry around the library like I usually do, and I noticed that there were about 3 new Princess Diaries books that I hadn't read yet. And there were a bunch of half books that I hadn't read yet either. I was way behind!. Where have I been? So of course I grabbed the ones I hadn't read and have spent the week quickly catching up on Princess Mia's life.
The "half" books went really quickly, an hour tops. This was good because I had a number of them to read. And the others took me a little longer but not much. I don't know why these books have any draw for me other then I can relate to how bizarre teenagers are. When you read my journal (diary) from those years I sound almost just like Mia. What a freak I felt like at the time (and probably was)! Only I wasn't a Princess on top of the crazy teenage mania. And I have a somewhat normal family in comparison to hers. Your family is never "normal" when you are a teenager!
I have finished all those that I borrowed from the library and thought I was all caught up then I went to amazon to find a picture for this post and found out there is one more... no two more. They weren't there on the library shelf last week. I guess I will have to put them on hold. Along with Eclipse, from that other teen series I am hooked on. Eclipse has been on my hold list for weeks. I am now #57 on the list for that book. I was over 100.

These are the Princess Diaries books that I still need to read. I think there is still another one that has been published too. These would be my "mind candy" as my Mom calls some of her books. We go to the library tomorrow.... we will see what is there on the shelves this week!

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my5wolfcubs said...

Ooh, mind candy -- tasty! Not that I need to be reading makes me grumpy. Non-fiction I can read here & there, a bit at a time, with no side effects, but give me fiction... I guess candy is a good name for it!!

Thanks for stopping by to look at our history projects -- even I couldn't keep my hands off today, I made a the Greek goddess Athena's owl out of clay! :)