Friday, February 29, 2008

Read, play, and read some more.

Looking back on the week it seems like we did a lot but I don't know what was really that exciting to report about.

We read scripture every day which is actually quite an accomplishment for us. If we don't do it first before anything else. It tends not to get done. A few weeks ago we started reading the actual Book of Mormon rather then just the children's reader. We are enjoying the Book of Mormon for Latter-day Saint Families. It has the full text as well as pictures and definitions and little extras in the footnotes.

Sophie is doing great with Math. She is getting the concept and doesn't get frustrated as much. Especially when I am sitting there with her. If I get up to do something else then she starts to get distracted and then gets frustrated with it.

We started learning about Rome this week. I am also surprised by how much Ian gets out of listening to the CDs. He is usually playing with other things but he is always able to answer questions about the reading. He has been telling us all about Remus and Romulus. We read a number of books about ancient Roman life. And even watched a video about Ancient Rome. But the kids loved the project we did this week.
We made mosaics. I did it the easy way and just taped contact paper sticky side up onto the table and gave them little squares to stick on.
They boys enjoyed it for a little while and put a few squares on their pages but they lost interest before finishing.
Sophie loved this project and enjoyed making little pictures with the squares and filling in the background.
Sophie's mosaic looks great.

She then helped me finished up the boys mosaics.

They loved the finished products and they are now hanging on their bedrooms walls.

As for science.... we read a bunch of books about trees, took a lot of walks to see nature. And one thing the kids have really enjoyed is the Thornton Burgess books we have been reading. I picked up Old Mother West Wind at the library this week and we read a few of the stories that day. And read a few more the next. Sophie didn't want me to stop. She wanted to hear the next one and then the next. I have caught her reading it on her own and she was really excited when she found that I also picked up another one. Not exactly science but it is all about loving nature and animals.

We did a few more Language Lessons about Verbs. I think Sophie is ready to move on to something else. So we may skip ahead a bit. We haven't been memorizing the poems so maybe we should focus more on that too.

Sophie has been studying the Vermeer paintings and even attempting to draw a few of them. I am so glad that she enjoys each of the artists. She keeps asking who we are going to study in March. I have decided to study Seurat. We will see if she likes his work.

We didn't do much with Vivaldi this week. But that is alright. We listened to the Classical Kids Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery a number of times this month and also read all sorts of books about venice so I think we covered it. Oh yeah....we did listen to the classics for kids episode about Vivaldi this week.

This week Sophie read to me The Magic Tree house book Dragon of the Red Dawn. And we have Blizard of the blue moon to start next. Sophie gets on Magic Tree House kicks and we read them for a bit and then she gets bored with them. At the moment we are on them.

Sophie also has had the habit of turning on her light after we have tucked her in and left her room. She stays up reading. We often find her like this. Books scattered about her bed and even the floor around her bed. We figure as long as she isn't cranky the next day it isn't so bad.

For Ian this week we have also been reading a bunch of cowboy books. He loves reading about cowpokes. These are a few of our favorites.

So we have been reading and reading and reading this week. I am surprised I don't need glasses yet.


Sonja said...

Another great week! We like reading the "Book of Mormon for Latter-day Families" too. The mosiacs are wonderful. I especially love the picture of Sophie falling asleep in bed with her book! That is classic!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Gina said...

You are unbelieveable. Who does this kind of thing? You feel that you don't have much to report on. I would be reporting left and right if I had done that much in one month or more. I love the mosaic idea. Did you cut all those pieces yourself? I may have to start doing a few of those projects myself. Amazing. Looks like a fun filled week.

Malissa said...

Looks like you guys are having fun homeschooling! I can't believe the resemblence between you and Sophie with her teeth out:)

We have been reading a few Thorton Burgess books too- Blacky the Crow right now- and the kids love them.
They have a few titles at Yesterday's Books in Modesto for .75-$1. What a steal!

Tammy said...

What a fun blog! I enjoyed looking at a few pages of your posts and was so excited to see that you are LDS too. :)

Hope you don't mind, I'm going to put you in my faves. :)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I love the mosaic idea (and Sophie's is darling. She must have a lot of patience to finish something that detailed).

My daughter got so bad about reading in bed that now, when I tell her lights out, I have to confiscate all her books, and I have to look under her pillows and dolls to make sure none are "accidentally" hidden. =)

Angela said...

You are such a great Mom. Way to get the B of M in every day! That is my favorite edition! I agree with Gina, you are doing a lot more than you think- the mosaics are great! Thanks for popping by the blog-

Anonymous said...

The mosaics look fantastic! That's a great way to do them. I'll have to remember that. It looks like a great week!

I have a picture my parents took of me asleep in bed still holding a book up.

School for Us said...

I love the mosaics! It looks like you all have lots of fun!