Monday, December 3, 2007

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have to make cookies for a party tomorrow night. I was going through my recipes to decide what to bring and I have decided to make my favorite chocolate chip cookies. I always get compliments for these cookies. I don't make them often because they are more work then just the regular run of the mill chocolate chip cookies. Also this recipe makes a lot of cookies so it is perfect for handing out to friends and neighbors or to take to a party.

    2 cups butter
    4 cups flour
    2 tsp. soda
    2 cups sugar
    5 cups oatmeal
    24 oz chocolate chips
    2 cups brown sugar
    1 tsp salt
    1 8 oz Hershey bar (grated)
    4 eggs
    2 tsp. baking powder
    3 cups chopped nuts
    2 tsp vanilla

    Blend oatmeal in a blender into a fine powder. Cream butter and both sugars. Add eggs and vanilla, then mix together with flour, oatmeal, salt, baking powder and soda. Add chocolate chips, grated Hershey bar and nuts. Roll into balls and place two inches apart on cookie sheet. Bake 10 min @ 375 degrees.

I have experimented with this recipe. I have made the recipe without blending up the oatmeal. It just gives the cookies a different texture. I have also tried out a number of different chocolate bars. I have made this recipe with Kit Kats and it turned out really good. But I think the best is when I make it with grated up Andes Mints. That little mint flavor is so good in these cookies. I always enjoy mint. I don't like nuts so I never put those in but if you like them then go for it!

Just thought I would share.


Sonja said...

Oh, I'm going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing it. I've enjoyed looking at your recent posts so much! Looks like so much fun. Christmas is truly upon us. I think you do a great job at school, btw and appreciate you sharing your school expriences and ideas.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ooo, this is that mythical Mrs. Field's cookie recipe. I LOVE THEM. They are the only choco chip cookies I will eat and it makes so much that I have lots left over for the freezer. Mmmm, I think I'll make some too.