Saturday, December 15, 2007

School on Saturday?

This afternoon we took a field trip. There is a museum near by that has all sorts of Egyptian artifacts and even some real mummies. I decided this would be the perfect end to our study of Egypt since we are leaving Egypt this week with the Israelites.

Here is a replica of King Tut's mummy case.

Here is Sophie standing like a mummy in front of a bunch of little amulets and figures of mummies.

There was also a tomb that you could tour. The long halls were dark and only lit with "torches". And when you get to the last room there is a big stone sarcophagus. The walls were all carved or painted. This was the best picture we took since it was pretty dark and we couldn't use a flash. Here is the weighing of the heart ceremony. Sophie was able to explain the picture to her Dad so it was a good review.
Here is Ian looking at a real mummy. They also displayed the x-rays that were taken of the different mummies that were shown. We were amazed at all the different animal mummies that were included in the exhibit. We saw cat, crocodile, ibis, and even a baboon mummy.

There was also a lot of little models of some of the different egyptian temples and buildings.
This is what Sophie and I were looking at.

There was also a section on Assyria and Babylon.
Here is a model of the Tower of Babel

And a little review here too. Hammurabi's code written on this replica of the Stele

There was also a lovely egyptian garden outside. The kids loved actually getting to see papyrus up close.

The kids loved visiting the gift shop and wanted to touch everything. We ended up going home with this fun book.

As we were leaving Sophie was all smiles and said this was a very fun field trip. She thought about it for a minute and then said "wait... we did school on Saturday". We just smiled and said "Yes, we did!"


Cocoa said...

Wow! That is so cool! I wish we lived near fun places to visit for field trips. Instead we get to watch the cows leave their marks all over the hay fields. How fun is that?

Andrea said...

Now that's an awesome field trip! How great to have a place like that so close to your home. I feel educated.

I like your new blog header.

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!! I know my kids get so much more out of places like that now that we've studied it in school. And school on Saturday is great!

Sonja said...

Ooh ooh...We want to go to! The pictures are awesome. How great to have learning reinforced in a fun way! Saturday school is cool.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I'm jealous of the sunshine in these pictures (as I sit here, huddled in my coat with my blinds drawn to hide the rain). How neat that Sophie was able to explain things to her daddy. I love it when the kids do that for me.