Saturday, December 8, 2007

School anyone?

I can understand why people take the month of December off of school. I think everyone lacks desire in December. Sophie didn't want to do school but then she never wants to do school. She doens't mind learning but doesn't want to do school. I didn't want to do school this week because I have a bunch of things that needed to be done or prepared and just didn't have the time or patience to really do lessons. So we still did stuff, just not everything I kinda had planned and didn't call most of what we did school.

Tchiakovsky is our composer for the month of December and it certainly isn't hard to fit in music study. We listened to my Best of Tchiakovsky CD a few times while the kids played or colored. Sophie watched a version of the Nutcracker on DVD. It wasn't my favorite production but it kept her interested. We also read the book Tchiakovsky Discovers America. We also read the Tchiakovsky book form the getting to know the great composers series. Sophie has even asked to watch the Disney Sleeping Beauty. She doesn't like princesses so this is quite an event. Next week some time we will put it on. She recognized the Sleeping Beauty Waltz when it played on the CD. So we certainly did our muscian study this week.

We worked on a few more of our bead projects that we are giving away as gifts. The kids really did well at these but could only do it for a short time before they got bored. But they are done now so that is good.

We also broke out the glitter glue, pipe cleaners and pom poms and made collage Christmas trees.
My guys can't ever seem to get enough of the glitter glue. They love to squirt it out. They could have gone and made a few more except we ran out of the glue so I guess I need to run and restock the supplies because that is a sure crowd pleaser around this house.

We did listen to two more chapters of Story of the World this week. We are back to Egypt to learned about the Middle and New Kingdoms. We read a number of story books that take place in Egypt as well. We are a little lacking in fun Egypt type projects. Maybe I will take them to the egypt museum near by to see actual mummies next week. I am looking forward to moving on to ancient Greece in January.

We are almost finished with our study of the body. We did a few coloring projects about the senses. Sophie and Ian enjoyed watching the Bill Nye the Science guy movie about Respiration. And Sophie is requesting books about the body from Santa. I think Santa can arrange that!

We have also been reading a bunch of Christmas books. I just pick out a few each time we go to the library. We love Clown of God,which we rowed last year, and one of my favorites The Red Ranger Came Calling.
That about sums it up. We read a bunch of other books that were just for fun and did a lot of playing.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ha ha ha. You still sound like you are doing way more than me. Although we did have a fun day learning about bones. I bought some soup bones so that we could talk about the different layers and where the blood is made. That was cool.

Gen said...

I am using SOTW, too and I love it! I really liked the look of the Tchaikovsky book you mentioned in this post and I ordered it to add to our own musical studies--I had never seen it before! Thank heavens for homeschool blogs like yours or I'd have no idea what I am doing in homeschool! :)