Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I don't have anything to say. Nothing profound comes to mind. I don't have anything new to share with the world. I guess this is a good thing. Normal life is unexciting but at the same time so nice. The daily trials still haunt me. Sophie still tries to get out of doing any school. I am still trying to keep Henry from destroying our house and cleaning up after him, when he attempts it (usually while I am distracted). I am always trying to make sure Ian feels loved. He does sometime get lost in the shuffle, poor kid.
It is Tuesday and I tried to think of a top 10 list and just couldn't or at least haven't yet. Maybe by the end of the day I will have had an epiphany. But for now.... Hello everyone!

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

Life should be like this sometimes. I love that pic of Sophie just chillin' in the sand. I love days when there is nothing better to do than just sit and smile at all your blessings.