Friday, November 16, 2007

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's

Today we went grocery shopping and our supermarket just happens to be in the same shopping center as a Blockbuster. I don't think I have been in a Blockbuster for years. We Netflix and love it! I have been carrying around a gift card to Blockbuster for about 2 years in my wallet. I don't know what possessed me but today we went in and looked for a movie not to rent but to buy. We don't buy movies very often usually we just borrow everything from the library or Netflix. So we went in and looked at the new DVD's to buy. I took the kids over to the kids section and they weren't really that excited about anything. Henry saw a Thomas the Tank Engine movie. Ian saw some Land Before Time DVD's. Sophie didn't see anything that really interested her but was going to settle on the Curious George movie. I was almost ready to walk out of the store and put that gift card back in my wallet and save it for another year or two, when I would remember it was there and go into a Blockbuster again. But when we were about to walk out we spotted the new Veggie Tales video, The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's. My kids quickly decided that that was the movie they just had to have. So we payed the man and took it home.

My kids have had an on again, off again love for Veggie Tales movies. Sophie loved them when she was really small but wouldn't watch them for years because they were "baby movies". Recently we have been watching them again. The kids have been picking them out to borrow from the library. We will go week after week borrowing them and then go weeks without. But when you see a new one that you haven't seen you just have to see it. I think we have now seen just about all of them. They really are creative stories and songs.

This Wizzard of Ha's is the newest one and we hadn't even heard of it yet. Sophie got all excited about it since it is of course the Wizard of OZ story and she was on an Oz kick a year ago. We read through about 9 of the Oz books last year and she talks about them still. We may be ready to revisit the land of Oz soon. The kids are at this moment glued to the TV, watching their new movie. It must be good since the kids aren't even bouncing around on the bed like they usually do when viewing a movie.

So whomever gave us a Blockbuster gift card 2 years or so ago, Thanks!

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