Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big Birds, Full stomachs, Movies, Parades and more - Our stuffed week in Review

It has been a busy, fun filled week. I should divide this up into several posts but I think I will just cram it all in here.

I don't know how much school we really did, but we had a good time. The only subjects we did well covering this week was history and math. Sophie doesn't fight math anymore and does her practice exercise without too many complaints.
We read through the next chapter of our Story of the World book and studied ancient China. We read a bunch of books about China or that take place in China. And at the library I happened to see Big Bird in China there on DVD so took that home. My kids haven't ever really watched Seasame Street but they really enjoyed this movie. I watched it when I was younger and remembered it. They asked to watch it the next day as well as we drove over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house so I guess they liked it. We finished off our week of China with dinner tonight at an actual Chinese Restaurant. The kids seemed to enjoy the egg rolls the best, but tried the chow mein and rice too.

We also read a few more Thanksgiving books this week and did our Turkeys. We actually spent a lot of time out of doors which is great for us. We went to the park on Tuesday and the kids climbed trees.

On Wednesday we went to the park again and this time Sophie decided she could finally pump her legs and swing without me having to push. This is a big step forward! Hurray! I hope it continues and wasn't just a fluke.

Then on Thursday, off to Grandma and Grandpa's house we went to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with family. There were as many kids as there were adults so it was loud and busy but a lot of fun. And a lot of GREAT food! Thanks again Grandma for cooking the yummy dinner.

On Friday, Grandpa got up early and finished chopping up a large branch that had fallen off one of the trees in the pasture. Of course Ian and Henry had to join Grandpa out there and were helpful picking up wood. Mostly we just watched Grandpa swing the ax.
Here is a picture of the barn and cows. It was a beautiful, chilly day and we enjoyed the fresh crisp air.
After helping Grandpa load wood he helped Grandpa pull out all the tomato and cucumber plants from the garden. The boys loved throwing these over the fence for the cows.

While the boys did this Sophie and I went to the movies with Grandma and the girl cousins. This is the first film I have actually taken Sophie to in the theater. We went and saw Enchanted.
This was a really fun girls outing and a movie worth seeing if not in the theater then rent it on DVD. The girls had a good time telling us which fairy tale was being alluded to throughout the film. We all enjoyed it!

Friday night there is a Christmas Parade down the main street of the small town where my parents live. I have marched in this parade in the past and have to admit it might be better to be in it then watching it. It is really cold sitting on the side of the road watching cars and horses go by.
The kids were excited to go to the parade once me mentioned it but once we were there they complained that no one throws out candy anymore. And then they complained about the cold and the horse dropping smell. But they all got excited when floats went by with dancers or singers on them. And of course at the end Santa rides through the town with Mrs. Clause.
I always enjoy seeing all the fire trucks with the Christmas lights but the kids really don't like the honks and sirens. Henry and Ian spent most of the time with their hands covering their ears.
But we went back to Grandmas to enjoy yet another helping of turkey and mashed potatoes, topped off with pumpkin pie. I didn't hear any more complaints except about too full stomachs.
It was a great week but I am looking forward to a more quiet week. We are all a bit wired and need the balm of routine I think.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a great week! I just did a massive week in review post too. My computer's photo program is giving me fits though, so no pictures. I like yours, and it's fun to see you in there too :)

Ice Cream said...

Sounds like a fully loaded week. I felt the same way once Thanksgiving was over. It was so mice to return to the routines. I even smiled while doing laundry.