Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Top 10 - I love the Cold

I should stop calling this Top 10 list Top Ten Tuesday because I can't seem to remember to write it until Wednesday. But this morning after climbing out of bed into the bitter cold morning air and wrapping myself in my fluffy robe to sit here at the computer and read my email and favorite blogs. I kept thinking about how much I love this time of year and cold. So here are ten reasons I love the cold.
1. Pile on the blankets - Sleeping with a few nice thick blankets, that nice weight on you while you sleep is just so wonderful.

2. Hot Chocolate - Holding a warm mug in cold hands and sipping a hot cup of chocolate is one of life greatest treats.

3. Flannel sheets - Ok. We are really odd and love our flannel sheets year round. My husband and I just love the softness but in the cold weather that flannel is so comfy and warm.

4. Winter clothes - Long pants, sweaters and jackets are my favorite. They look better, feel better, last longer.

5. Crisp clean air - The air just tastes better when it is cold outside

6. Reading a good book - I know you can do this in the hot as well as the cold but there is just something magical about reading a book curled up in a big chair with a blanket wrapped around you.
7. Socks - I have mentioned before I love fun socks but thick fun socks are even better. And I get to wear socks all the time. My kids love to watch my striped, or polka dotted feet walk around the house all winter. The always comment on my sock of choice for the day. They of course too have their own fun socks.
8. Playing the cold hand game - When getting my kids dressed they often complain with a giggle about my cold hands. Last night Ian even told me to go and wash them so they would be warm while I got him dressed. Sophie's cold hands always seem to find a strip of skin and make me jump. This isn't always a fun game. Sometimes those cold hands are quite a shock and little guys are already grumpy it just makes them more grumpy but usually it just makes us smile.
9. Showers - For some reason showers are so much nicer in cold weather. After being in the cold for awhile it is so wonderful to warm up in the hot shower. The kids get in the tub and I can't seem to get them out. They love sitting in the warm water too.
10. 3 extra bodies in our bed - It doesn't happen every morning but often the kids wake up and jump into bed with us in the cold mornings. It is so fun, until little guys get energized and start moving around too much. But these early morning snuggles with the kids are so fun.


Andrea said...

I must say I concur about the cold weather! Warm clothes, blankets, cocoa! It doesn't get much better than that. Welcome winter.

Sonja said...

I loved this list. I love morning pile-ups too. :D
Glad you guys are doing well.