Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Raising boys

In college a roommate and I were talking about having kids and I said "I just want a whole brood of boys". I also told her I would be a much better "boy mom" then a "girl mom". I am just not the type to sit at tea parties and play dress up. When my daughter Sophia was born I thought "oh no now I have to be a girl mom and play dolls and such." Sophie surprised me and has never liked dolls (much to both Grandmas' shagrin) or Disney princesses. She isn't dainty and afraid to get dirty. Instead she was Thomas the Tank Engine crazy when she was smaller and now an animal enthusiast and has always loved to play in the dirt and mud. I thought "gee this is just like having a little boy". I was wrong!

Sophie may not be into the girly things but she certainly isn't a boy. She loves animals and takes care of them as if they were her children. She builds them houses or zoo exhibits for them. It is amazing how different the sexes are even from a very early age.

Ian is a boy that loves tools and gadgets and would love it if I would let him take things apart. He loves bits of string and rubberbands. He has told me he wants to be a maintence worker. He wants to be Bob the Builder when he grows up. Cutting up paper into little pieces is one of his favorite things to do.

Henry is my little monkey child. He has always been very athletic. He was doing sit-up from day one and has been building up those arm muscles as well. Every piece of furniture is seen as something to climb up on and jump off of. He throws everything and points out every ball in every book we look at. We can't pass a ball in any store without bouncing it and throwing it a few times.My boys sure look cute when they are all cleaned up and dressed for church. It isn't often they are this clean. Usually they are somewhere in between that (above) and this (below).

At times I wonder what I was thinking when I said I wanted a whole brood of boys. These two little guys keep me very busy! I am very glad to have the mix I have.

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