Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top 10 Tuesday

I thought I would have a reoccuring theme for Tuesdays. I am starting "Top 10 Tuesday". On Tuesday I am going to share 10 of my favorite things. Or 10 things that make me think or that I have learned lately or whatever happens to come to mind for that day.

Today I wish to share 10 thing I am grateful for this week. These may not be the most important things in my life but they are some of the small things that I have found to be thankful for this last week.

1. Cloth diapers
This may seem like a strange thing to be thankful for since I do get to wash them and such but I haven't had to buy paper diapers in almost 2 months. Ian is finally potty trained and uses "Undies". And with Henry wearing cloth diapers we aren't buying the huge boxes of diapers anymore. YEAH!

2. The Very Hungry Caterpiller
Henry loves this book. We have a board book version and a large hardback. He brings me this book a few times a day and asks for me to read it to him. For those few minutes he is happy, not getting into anything and quiet.

3. Aqua Fitness
I go to the YMCA and take Aqua fitness 3 times a week. I started doing this about 2 months ago. It has really helped me tone and strenthen my muscles. I don't get as tired in the afternoons and most importantly my back doesn't ache as much.

4. Zout
I go through bottles of Zout very quickly. It works so much better than shout or spray and wash. It gets the stains out my kids clothes that used to just stay there. Zout is my new laundry room buddy.

5. Our Pulic Library
We have a great library and we use it alot. We go there every week for story time. The librarians know my kids so well that they even have been known to keep books aside that they know my kids will like. We are very regular in our attendance so they know when we will be there. I don't know how we would homeschool without this great resourse.

6. e-mail
I am not a phone person. I hate having to call people to ask them things. I have to really make myself return phone calls. I love being able to sit at the computer and type a quick note and have 10 people get it. I love being able to send something to someone and have them recieve it a few moments later. What a great thing e-mail is! What did I do before it?

7. IChat
We love to video IChat with Grandma and Grandpa. (We also communicate with aunties this way too!) They live a 2 hour drive away so we don't see them as much as we would all like to. So it is great to be able to see them over the computer. The kids show them projects they are working on and we have even shared songs and such. another one of those technology advances that we really enjoy.

8. Cooler weather
We have actually been studying weather this week so it is on the mind. We have had very nice weather for July this week. We are wearing our shorts but not needing the AC turned on. I have been told we may even get rain some time this week. I love summer rain.

9. Clean soft sheets
My husband and I love flannel sheets. They are on our bed year round. We both like the softness of them. When I put on a nice clean set of sheets it is just so nice to lay there in bed and watch t.v. (Yes our TV is in our bedroom)

10. Clementines
We bought another box of clementines this week. We all love these little fruits. My kids think they are so fun because they can peal them themselves. They are easy to pack in a lunch or in mom's bag.They aren't as messy as a big orange. They taste great too!

That's it for today. I will come up with another Top Ten list for next Tuesday.

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