Friday, July 27, 2007


This morning we went for a walk around our block. Ian decided he needed to ride the trike and Henry always loves to ride/push the little 3 wheel scooter. Sophie threw a fit because she didn't have anything to ride. We have been rather lax about getting her a new bike or scooter. Eventually I got her to go on the walk but told her I would check online to see if anyone was selling one. So when we got home from our jaunt around the neighborhood she made me sit down and check Craigslist to see if there was one listed. Amazingly there was one and it wasn't more than 15 min drive away, so I emailed them about it and they quickly got back to me. This afternoon we picked it up and my girl was in heaven. A big girl scooter at last!

After seeing Sophie nice new scooter the boys thought their old Trike and Scooter weren't good enough so faught over the new scooter as well. It was a little beyond Henry's abilities so he soon gave up and went back to his scooter that is perfect for him. Ian has decided that he now needs a new scooter too. I told him we would keep our eyes out for one.

Sophie asked me if I had a scooter when I grew up. When I told her no she said "oh, they didn't have them in the olden days?". I told her "Scooters weren't as popular when I was a kid. Most kids had rollar skates. (This does date me. we didn't even have inline skates then) But what really made her think I was old was when I told her we had horses when I grew up. We rode them all over the place even to the store. Now she fully believes I grew up in the olden days. In reality it was just a small town in the hills. I wasn't a city dweller then. Country folk can do such things.

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cellista said...

Hey, I grew up with roller skates too! I'm enjoying your blog! And thank you for the kind words you wrote on my blog. I'm glad you found me. Enjoy FIAR, we loved it!