Monday, July 23, 2007

Yes..... another Harry Potter post!

I am sorry to post again about Harry Potter. It has been days since I have thought about little else. Not obsessed or anything. I just finished the 7th and last book. Without spoiling the book. Let me just say it was GREAT! I found myself laughting, crying, smiling, wincing, and biting my nails though most of it. I can't believe how caught up I got into the lives of these fictional characters.

As I already said I reread books 5 and 6 last week to prepare myself for book 7. I finished book 6 on Friday night. We went to Barnes and Noble that night to see what festivities they were holding there. We saw kids dressed up as wizzards and witches. And we played some trivia games. I can't say I did extreamly well. I couldn't tell them what James' wand had been made of or what kind of broom Cho Chang rode. But it was fun. The kids colored a few harry potter pictures and played a few games. We left the store just as the die hard fans that were waiting until midnight to get their books were just getting started.

I read through Deathly Hallows quickly because I didn't want to have it spoiled for me. My husband was disapointed that we didn't read it together. He likes to read them aloud. We read the first 5 together. But I couldn't resist reading book 6 while he was at work. So I didn't even start this one with him. I knew if the book was here sitting on the shelf I wouldn't be able to wait for him. He is still only on chapter 10 or something. Only because he couldn't steal it away from me for long. But now I have finished it and he can have it to himself.

I really enjoyed that this book fills in back information on some of the characters. I loved the ending. It was about what I expected would happen. I can't wait to discuss this book with some of my friends once I know they too have finished it.

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