Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Day out with Thomas

We went to the Santa Cruz Mountains to see Thomas on Saturday. This has become an anual excursion for us. Sophie was such a die-hard fan of Thomas we took her to her first Day out with Thomas when she was just almost 2. We have been going every year since. We don't always buy tickets to ride the train pulled by Thomas. Most of the event is open to anyone who shows up. So for the price of parking we had a great picnic in the Santa Cruz mountains. And the kids got to have their face painted, bounce around in bounce houses, watch a clown perform, jump around on a bunch of bales of hay and listen to a lot of Thomas music. The kids always have a great time!

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cellista said...

How fun!! We love doing this, only I didn't want to go this year and pay so much. When I looked at what the Heber Valley Railroad charges for their normal train rides, Thomas would actually have been cheaper. Oh well, we just went to the Golden Spike nat'l historic site on Saturday to finish off our train study.

Looks like you had a great time!