Thursday, July 19, 2007

We made cornhusk dolls today. I saved some of the husks from corn that we ate a week or so ago. I didn't follow any kind of directions I just made it up as I went. They were small but turned out alright.

I was just informed by my daughter that they stink. They were sitting on the counter drying and they do have a moldly smell to them. I wonder what went wrong? Do they just need to dry longer? Does anyone know of some good directions for corn husk dolls? Maybe I need to consult a pro.

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Andrea said...

I was happy to see on the Flake Newsletter that you have a Blog! I love seeing the things my long lost cousins are doing in their lives. It somehow keeps us connected. I will be excited to check back every now and then to catch up. Your children are adorable! Did you know I have an Ian?

Love, Andrea Montierth