Friday, June 29, 2007

Last day of swimming lessons

Yesterday was Sophie's last day of Swim Lessons. For six weeks we have been going to the YMCA twice a week to swim during the rec. swim which is followed by Sophie's swim lesson. Six weeks ago Sophie wouldn't even put her head under the water or let go of the wall without water wings or some other float. Major progress has taken place during these last few weeks. Sophie is now a very good swimmer.Monkey, airplane, soldier are the arm movements for the basic back stroke. YEAH! Sophie can do it all by herself.
Her instructor said she was no longer being challenged in that class level and that we should sign her up for the Youth Swimming class next time rather than beginning swimming. Wow what a change!
Henry likes to be in the pool. He usually likes to have a grip on either the side of the pool or Mom's fingers. He is experimenting with floating on his back as well.
With the floats (power pack as Sophie calls it) strapped on, Ian can tootle around the pool quite well. Here he is still testing the water. He isn't quite sure about getting in. We have certainly been using the pool at the YMCA!

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