Monday, July 9, 2007

What is old is new again

I wish I had gotten the camera in time. This afternoon my children were out in the driveway with chalk and little hotwheels cars. They had an intricate road way drawn on the ground and they were driving the cars around. Ian was a pizza delivery man delivering pizza. (I don't know how he even knows about a pizza delivery guy. We have never ordered pizza and had it delivered). Sophie was the traffic cop telling everyone where they were allowed to drive. She was also the artist drawing the roads and such. Henry just loved laying there erasing the lines with the front of his shirt and driving his car anywhere he wanted despite Sophie's constant reminders to drive within the lines.

What I thought was funny, was that this activity was one that I remember playing in the backyard patio with my brother and sister when we were young. I love the fact that kids somehow come up with many of the same activiities that we played when we were younger without any prompting on our part. Usually the chalk on the driveway is used to just scribble or practice writing your name everywhere. Today I enjoyed listening to my children actually play together, with out too much fighting. I was able to go inside and make pizza for dinner. (Thanks for the dinner idea Ian!)

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