Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ronald Dahl books continue

Last night Sophie and I finished the BFG by Ronald Dahl. This is 4th book we have read by Dahl. I have to say the BFG was one of the harder ones to read. I stumbled over some of the odd language as I read it aloud. It was the funniest one of the bunch we have read so far. Sophie and I were busting out laughing at some parts. It was potty humor we we laughing at, wizpoppers and such. But how can you not laugh when the BFG lets a wizpopper loose infront of the Queen of England!

Sophie has decided that we aren't done with Dahl yet. She saw the book Matilda on our big book shelf. I found it on the library used book shelf a few weeks ago. She is very excited to start it next. I don't know anything about this book so we will have to see how it goes.

I don't know why Sophie loves these types of stories so much. We read the Wizard of Oz series last year and we made it through about 8 of the books before I talked her into moving on. She would have gone through them all but I asked to read something else since the books plots are so similar. We then read some of the Narnia series. She really enjoyed the first few books. I think the later books are a little more mature because I could tell she wasn't getting as much from them or staying as focused on them. She loved the Magicians Nephew and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

We have also read The Trumpet and the Swan and Mr. Poppers Penguins. She loved these as well. She loves books with magic or talking animals or something out of the ordinary in them. I tried to read the Little House on the Praire books with her but after the first one, Little house in the Big Woods, she wasn't interested in going on to the next one. I will try them again in a little while. Ian likes to listen to the children's picture book versions of the stories. Maybe I will read them to Ian when he gets a bit bigger. Sophie can listen in.

It certainly is entertaining to read all these children's books. Many of which I never read as a child. Or at least I don't remember reading them or having them read to me. James and the giant peach is one book that do remember my Mom reading to me when I was a child.

So what I am wondering now... is do I get to reread all these again with Ian and Henry? I know Ronald Dahl will be a boy favorite. There is a lot of boyish humor in them. Or maybe it is just childish humor which is why they appeal to all kids. I know there are several more books Ronald Dahl has written. We will see what we get to read after Matilda.


Melissa said...

Sarah -- have you ever seen the movie they made out of the book Matilda? It is great! You guys should definitely check it out. I love it!

Sea Star Academy said...

I will put it in my netflix queue. I know Soph will love seeing it!