Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saw the Movie, now need to really get reading!

I just have to say one more time... Thank You to my sister for babysitting today while my husband and I caught a matinee showing of Order of the Phoenix. We don't get to the movies very often. I think the last movie we made it to in the theatre was the 2nd of the Pirates of Carribean movies (We haven't even seen the latest one, we will wait to see it on DVD I guess). So this was a real treat! So far we have been able to get to all the Harry Potter movies on the big screen.

My husband left the show saying that this was the best one yet. He said that about the 4th one too when he saw that one. He really hates the 3rd one. He thinks it was butchered by the director. I had a hard time saying that this one was better than the others. Not because it wasn't good but because it is the continuation of the story. I just feel like we are getting installments of the same story. I don't think anyone would watch this 5th movie if they haven't already seen the others. I don't know if you would even really understand it. So much of what goes on in this movie depends on what happened in the previous movies. There were even a number of flashbacks from the earlier films which I really enjoyed. I admit I really got caught up in the film. I thought the acting was very good in this one. Better then seen previously. And I just loved Luna. The girl that plays her hits the character dead on. She really made me smile. :)

I admit I sat there watching it thinking about all the things that were missing or that were altered. I have been reading this book the last few days and I have made it about halfway through. So it is fresh in my mind. But how could it be any other way. It would have to be a mini series for you to get all the details in. My husband I and agree it would have been nice to see St. Mungos. We wanted to see Gilderoy and Nevil's parents, but I understand something had to give. Most of the film was very well crafted and they kept the flavor and essence of the book without cramming everything in.

Some of my favorite bits were with Ginny Weasley. Ginny becomes a more prominent character in the next book so they really brought her out a bit more in this film. The looks on Ginny's face as she leaves the DA class when she knows Harry is interested in Cho. And all the bits where they show her strong spells. It will be interesting to see how she will shine in the next film. Ginny has in the films so far seemed so secondary and small. But I guess that is how she is in the books too. Harry just starts to really notice her in the 6th book.

The Umbridge bits were great too. You just loved to hate that lady. And they didn't even included half of what she does in the book. And those anoying cats!

Fred and George are always great! Those guys just always seem to have fun. Love the skiving snack boxes. Their exit on their brooms was very well depicted too.

The ministry of Magic was almost as I pictured it. For some reason the dark walls were too dark for me. I pictured them in gold or something. But to each their own. The department of mysteries was almost as I saw it as I read the book, except the rooms that they left out of course. It would have been something to see the room with the clocks and the egg that becomes a bird. And the brain that attacks Ron. What was there was done very well.

Ok. this post has turned into quite the move review. I really enjoyed the film. I have loved all of the movies. Even the third film that my husband said is the worst one. If you are a Harry Potter fan. Go see it. If you haven't read the books then read them first!

Ok... off to finish book 5 and 6 before next Saturday.

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