Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have only one week!

I was going to reread all the Harry Potter books before book 7 comes out. I read through all the books the last few weeks before book 6 came out so that I was ready for it. But I just realized that there is only a week left before the last book comes out. I think I am going to have to content myself with books 5 and 6. I started Order of the Pheonix this morning and made it through the first few chapters. I should be able to finish these two books before I go and pick up the 7th book on Saturday.

I don't buy the books in hardback. I wait and buy the paperback versions later. I can usually find very nice copies on the used books shelves at the library. But inorder to read the book the day it comes out I had to put myself on the waiting list at the library. They have 180 books ordered. I am 122 on the hold list. I even asked the day they would have it availiable to put on hold. Evidently a lot of other people did as well. Within a few hours of it being availiable on the library cataloge it was already held by over 250 people. I heard someone at the library today ask the librarian about it and she looked on her computer and said the waiting list is over 500 people now.

As you can tell I am a real fan of the Harry Potter books. My children know all about Harry Potter, they see me read the books and Harry Potter books have been up for discussion at book club and such so my kids know that they are very exciting and that a lot of grown-ups love them and talk about them all the time. Sophie has often caught me looking at Harry Potter websites trying to see what different theories people are tossing around. We have even gone to Barnes and Noble for some of their pre book release parties. My kids have even played the computer game at Grandma's house. They have not had these books read to them yet however. They aren't quite read for them I think. I told Sophie that when she turns 10 or 11, I would read them with her. I told her that she would probobly be able to read most of the words in the book but that the themes of the books were a little mature for her. For now she is content with that explaination. There are a lot of books that I have had to give her an age for which she would be able to read it.

Anyway.. gotta get back to Order of the Pheonix. With as many interuptions and I get to deal with books don't always go quickly.

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