Thursday, April 3, 2008

To Cell or not to Cell

We have finally done it! After a few months of talking about it, looking at other options and putting it off, we finally have cancelled our cell phones. We were slow to jump on the Cell phone craze years ago. There wasn't a great reason for getting one. We finally got them when I was pregnant with Henry and planning on taking a few road trips. They seemed like a good thing to have incase of emergency. The phones have been great. It is always nice to be able to call my husband when I am out shopping to discuss a purchase or to ask a question of my Mom when I am at the library or park with the kids. Often I call my husband when he is late coming home just to hear that he is about 5 minutes from home.

Lately I have forgotten to even put the phone in my bag. And at times I even go a whole week without charging it. So it really is an expensive luxury. My husband doesn't need it for work. He just uses it to call me and his brothers and a few friends. We both laugh at the fact that neither of us even know how to send a text message.

We recently have been looking for ways to stream line our outflow. We both came to the same conclusion, the cell phones are nice to have and convenient, but were an indulgence that we could live without. We may get a pay as you go phone for those emergencies that may arise. Our cell phones came in handy when we were in a car accident a little over a year ago. But for now we are without a mobile.

So you few people that had our cell phone numbers... they are no longer in service. You will have to call us at home. You will still have to leave a message. I still wont be turning the ringer on. If we are home and I am able to get to the phone when I hear you talking, I will answer it. Or if I happen to be sitting at the computer and see the light turn on (which is often the case) I will answer it. If not.... I will call you back.

BTW... what does one do with an old cell phone?


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I was very slow to jump on the cell wagon myself. I loved the shocked reactions of people when I told them I only had one home phone number. I use my cell phone like I use my computer, only for the bare minimum. I don't use 90% of my phone's features. But, just last week it saved my hiney from being very lost very late at night.

As for your old cell phone... If the battery is still good and you have pictures, songs, or anything on it, save it and use it as a surprise toy to keep your kids quiet in public. My sister does that with her old one and it is the best thing ever.

Tammy said...

We were slow getting one too. We just got ours last July when Emily started driving. I was really nervous about a 15 year old out by herself if the car broke down or whatever.

None of us have a clue how to text either. No clue....... lol

I don't do well with new technology. :)

Alison said...

I didn't get a cell phone until our first baby was born and I don't use it very often. I use it more as a phone book than anything. I mostly have it so my husband can call me, then I forget to carry it or turn it on.

You can recycle your old phones if you want to. I have an envelope to send them in if you want it. Just be sure to erase any personal info.

I have heard that tracfones are a good pay as you go option.

Melissa said...

It seems to me that there are cell phone recycling/refurbishing companies that will pay you for your phone - depending on model and condition requirements. Seems that's what Max did with our old phones... I'll see if I can get him to remember the company's website - I only got a glimpse of the lists of phones and how much they would pay you for them while he was taking care of it....

Sonja said...

Another slow one over here. We didn't get one until I was pregnant with my third and dh was working and going to school full time.

I think recycling or letting the kids play with it are what I will do when we retire ours. (our phone is camera and I have never sent a text message either!)

Hope you guys are feeling better.

Jen said...

There are groups that recycle old phones to help women get out of domestic violence situations. You can also sell an old one on Ebay.

I could not live without my cell, or my DH without his. I love that I can talk to him for free when he travels, which is every week. I don't have to worry about a high long distance bill.

Angela said...

This is great- I was late getting one and only did after I found myself stranded on the East coast (now my neighborhood) not knowing where I was.....But frankly, I wish they were not invented! To much wasted time! Good choice! Is there a cell phone graveyard? :)