Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Band Concert

We had our first band concert today. Yes, I know it is Sunday but it is a FREE concert so I don't feel like it is breaking the Sabbath.

Here is most of the band. My husband is the photographer. I of course sit in the flute section which means front row in a Symphonic Band. That is me, the third flute.
Not that we really sit according to any order. If that were the case I would be sitting at the end of the flutes since I am so rusty. We usually sit where ever we are comfortable within our sections. Some prefer to sit right in front of the conductor while others of us really don't care as long as there is room enough for the flute that sticks out on the right side.

My favorite part of the evening is hearing each song announced. I listened to the MC tell a little about the composer, the piece or for what it was written for and often what movie it was used in. It was interesting to see how he wove all this seemingly disjointed songs together into one program. The concert was called "Journey's through Time and Space". I guess you can pretty much fit anything into that.

My husband besides being the photographer also had the fun job of keeping our three kids under control. Sophie has been to concerts before but the boys, well.... we had stake conference this morning and it didn't go too well. So we knew this was going to be fun. But my husband thought we should all go. The boys need to get used to concerts and especially see Mom perform.
The boys made it through about 3 songs. Henry thought we were too loud and was covering his ears the whole time. I don't blame him. We were in a small room and we started with a fanfare by Richard Strauss. During one of the quiet and slow songs about 4 pieces into the program the boys got bored and had to get taken out. Sophie sat there like a little lady and listened. During the intermission Sophie was able to come up and talk to some of the other musicians and look at their instruments. She was fascinated by the Bassoon.
My husband brought the boys back in after the intermission and they made it through the rest of the show. They loved the Pirates of the Caribbean medley we played and Sophie loved the Star Trek music. I personally love Gershwin's American in Paris which we played last. It is really hard for me to play but it is a fun song to listen to. My husband went home humming one of the marches that we played. It sounds like a long concert but really there were only 12 song on the program. I was amazed at how well the kids did.
It is fun to play my flute again and if I can just fit in a bit more practice time I would really get better and not have to fake my way through some of the pieces.


Malissa said...

Good for you Sarah! Way to go- dusting off the flute and playing with the band-how much fun! I always enjoy having a chance to do the same thing! A year ago I was able to pull out my flute and be in an orchestra for a few weeks. Kind of taxing on the family, but had a great time and got my fill for a while.

Bibliophile said...

I am so proud of you! What a terrific thing to do! I'm glad that the children had a chance to see you do something like this. And Sophie! Great for her! She sat there like a little lady and listened to the music, which shows that she is growing up.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! Isn't it amazing to be a part of something like that?!
We took all 3 of ours to my concert on Saturday. They wanted to go all week, then 3 hours ahead the younger ones starting wailing, "We don't wanna go!" But DH thought they should go support Mommy and all that. They had a great time, but also thought we played too loud.

And if it makes you feel better (this makes me feel better) a friend's daughter's violin teacher, who is the concertmaster in the Orchestra at Temple Square, was telling my friend (also a cellist) that sometimes you just have to fake it! I was so happy to hear that.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Music is spiritual food so I think it would be a lovely way to spend the Sabbath. =)

You are so awesome. And I'm so glad your kids were good so you could enjoy it.

Love your haircut! I wish I had straight hair so I could get it to do that.

Cocoa said...

You just knocked my socks! I didn't even know you played the flute and then you get to do something like that! Sometimes I'm sad that I learned to play the piano instead of another musical instrument. I want to do something like that!

Karen said...

why didn't you tell me you were in a concert?

Tammy said...

That's wonderful! What a nice talent to have.

I can't do a thing musically except appreciate it. :)


Sonja said...

You Rock! What an awesome experience and example to your kids.

Thanks for the inspiration. :)