Friday, April 18, 2008

Rabbit Week

Our week has been all about Rabbits it seems. Sophie can't think about anything except rabbits. Our Five in a Row book this week was The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. So we read all sorts of books about rabbits, vegitables, gardening and Beatrix Potter. Along with many of her other stories. Now every squirrel is called Squirrel Nutkin. Ian loved the My Dear Noel book. We read it a few times this week at his request.
To finish off our week we went to the pet store to look at rabbits. And ask about what it takes to keep one as a pet. Sophie has her heart set on getting one of her own. The pet store didn't have any rabbits in today so instead we instead we asked about guinea pigs. We asked about what they eat and how to take care of them and what kind of cage they would need and such. The pet store worker even took one out and let the kids pet it. Now Sophie thinks she going to be getting one for her birthday. Two actually since guinea pigs do better in pairs. We will have to see about that. Pets can get very pricey.
We broke out the water colors and gave them a try. I think I need to get some new water colors because there wasn't much left in the boxes that I had. But the kids had a great time with the washable poster paints which I had in abundance.
We also checked on the status of our Garden. The Tomato plants have sure grown but the cucumbers are not growing as fast. But thy do still look healthy so I expect them to take off soon.

The strawberry plants are doing well. They look all perky and have a bunch of blossoms. And Sophie's bulbs are poking up out of the soil.

Along with Five in a Row we also did a bit of math. Sophie is learning the very basics of multiplication. We practiced counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. She does well with 2 and 5 but the others need a lot more practice.

We also did a few more chapters of Story of the World. I turned on the CD one and and we reviewed the previous chapter about Julius Ceasar then the next chapter which talks about Ceasar's conquest of Britan and return to Rome. And we kept listening as we heard about his murder. Sophie didn't want to stop so I let the CD go through the next chapter about the rise of Christianity too. That is where the CD ended so we stopped. I know we will have to review all those chapters again. But I was happy to let her listen. We were coloring some more of her Dover Coloring book about life in Ancient Rome as we listened. We also looked at the map as the story unfolded so we could see where the different parts of the story were taking place. Later we read some more of the Roman News and even started reading a Children's version of Shakespere's Julius Ceasar. We haven't finished that. We will have to continue it next week.
Here is Sophie showing off our picture wall of all the Peter Rabbit pictures and Ceasar pictures that we have on display at the moment.
Today just for fun we also attempted some Origami. Not for any reason especially. I just saw the origami instruction book on the shelf and decided to give it a try. Sophie wanted to make cats.

Here are the finished products.

Anyway.. It was a great week. School went well and we have had a great time. The kids are learning and loving it.


Tammy said...

Oh, what a fun thing, to be read all those lovely books on rabbits.

What types of bulbs are those, the ones Sophie's growing?

I bet she is enjoying watching them grow after planting them. :)

SBTVD said...
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