Tuesday, December 27, 2016

We had a Very Merry Christmas

Christmas Morning started early for us. I was actually the one up the earliest. We have all been suffering with head colds and coughs. I got up around 5:30 because I was coughing and needed to get a drink of water. Once there is movement however everyone else started coming downstairs to see what was in their stockings.

 Molly had a very Barbie Christmas. She got 4 new Disney princess dolls and Flynn Ryder as well as a bunch of dresses and clothes for them. She was and still is very excited to have so many new dolls to add to her collection. She now has Aurora, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Tiana to play with. I think she likes Jasmine the best.
 Sophia got lots of socks and a Fantasia book. She was happy to just sit and read.
 Ian too spent a good amount of time reading his new lego book.
 Henry got a Doctor Who coloring book and was quiet for a long time while looking through all the pictures.
 The boys tried to play their new Minecraft card game.

 But the morning wasn't quite as leisurely as we would have liked. But we headed to 9:00 church at our ward to sing in the choir, even with sore throats and coughs. Then we headed up to Grandma's house to see one of our cousin's baptisms. She was a Christmas eve baby 8 years ago and really wanted to have her baptism on Christmas day.  Their bishop agreed to have it that day so we enjoyed that after their Christmas Sacrament meeting. 

 Don't my kids look nice all dressed up. The boys look great in those suits.

The rest of that day and the days after have been spent enjoying family and all the new toys or in some of our cases, weapons.

Henry got a pretty powerful Slingshot. Wow can that thing shoot rocks far!
 Molly asked for a bow and arrow and she was given this great compound bow.
 My boys also got some airsoft pistols. They have had fun shooting at the gel target and seeing how well they can shoot.

 Henry is out there all the time asking who ever is willing to go out with him and shoot again and again.

 Sophie got a copy of Zoo Tycoon, her favorite game from when she was little, that will work on our laptop. She has wanted to play that game non stop.
 Our neighbor gave us a fun air hockey set that we can play on our table. The only table we have that the suction cups will stick to is our Island. So I have to keep it cleaned off so we can play hockey on and off all day.
The cat seems to really like this game. He jumps up to watch the little puck move about the "rink".

My kids are sad Christmas is over. They are happy that there is a few more days before they have to get back to school but the anticipation of Christmas is gone. They are happy with the gifts and fun we have had but sad too that they holiday is now past.  

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