Monday, December 19, 2016

Lego guns

Remember all that lego sorting that was going on early in the month? Well this is the result. 

 My boys made guns. They didn't follow any directions or instructions. They just had a picture of the gun and they came up with the pieces to make these firearms. We decided they needed orange tips to make sure nobody mistook them for the real things!

 This one even cocks. The rubberband makes it snap back into place.

While I don't know exactly why they decided to make guns, I do think they are quite impressive. They wanted to colors and look of the guns to be correct so they found just the right pieces to make these guns as realistic as possible. 

Fun way to spend the free time they have now that school work is over for a few weeks. They can't always be playing video games so they are filling their days with legos! I like that!

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