Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oakland Zoo

Some friends invited us to come with them to the Oakland Zoo this week. We had never been to this zoo and with little planned to do this week we jumped at the chance to get out and do something. Lucky for us the friend had a bunch of free tickets so we didn't have to pay for more than parking!

 Here are the flamingos and a spoonbill.

 The kids all loved this monkey. He was quite active and was swinging around in the tree "just like in the movies" the kids would say.

 He would also just stop mid swing and just dangle on one arm for quite a while. That is some arm strength!
 The zoo was full of Pokestops so the kids had fun passing my phone around collecting balls and lots of new Pokemon.

 Having a little fun in the tortoise area of the zoo. The large tortoise were in their barn since it was so cold but the kids had fun pretending to be a large tortoise.

 There was a petting zoo where we could pet the sheep and goats.

 Two moms with 11 kids all roaming the park. We were quite a gaggle of kids!

 My favorite area was the Giraffe.
 I didn't have control of my phone at that moment but this giraffe had been drinking just a few moments before and it was so cool to see him/her? with legs spread wide to get its head down to the water. Then to see that long blue tongue reach down to the water and make a scoop to lift the water up to the mouth was pretty cool. I would have loved to get it on video but of course there was a Pokemon somewhere nearby that needed catching and by the time I got control of my phone he/she had moved on. But it was really interesting to see in person and up close like that.

 There were supposed to be elephants in the background but I think my head is covering it up. Oh well.

 The lions were sleeping in the sun.

 At the end of our visit we all rode the train and Molly got a bonus car drive at the carnival rides.

A fun way to spend one of the days waiting for Christmas to come!

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