Monday, February 13, 2017

Ian had a birthday! He is now 13.

I have many excuses to offer for why there was no posts in January but why bother posting such things and just get down to some of the happenings of January.

 January always starts with Ian's Birthday. He requested Quiche for Breakfast so I woke up early and made him a lovely ham and egg quiche. I think next time I will just buy a crust. I can never make mine thin enough. The quiche was so good! What would expect when you have that much cheese and egg and ham all baked in a crust. YUM!

 I decided to give Ian all his gifts in the morning this year. He was going to have a busy day and an activity that night so I figured he would have all day to then set up his Raspberry Pi.  Which ended up being a bit more problematic than we thought. We had a hard time getting all the cables and such set up on the TV so he could do it there but then the SD card that I had bought preformated and with the operating system installed, didn't seem to work.   So...... then we had to learn how to reformat and then download the Raspberry Pi operating system. That evening we finally had it working.  We certainly learned a lot!

 Chocolate cake after the Ravioli dinner was the  end show. I don't know what I was doing with the icing. I just got started and did whatever in order to cover the whole thing. We all agreed that this cake pared with this Ice cream was the BEST I had ever made. I was happy it turned out so well.

Here are 13 facts about my now 13 year old boy.

1.  Star Scout at the moment. One more merit badge and he will be ready to move up a rank to Life Scout.
2. Loves to tinker with things, take them apart, and see how they work.
3. He is a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings expert. He is always rereading these books.
4. Master Lego Builder. He makes the coolest creations without any directions. It is amazing to see what he comes up with from the huge mish mash of legos that the boys have collected.
5. Has bigger feet than his Papa which is not a surprise since he is already taller than both his parents.
6. Has checked out every book about computer programming that our library system has in its catalogue. Even the ones that are from the 80's and way out of date.
7. He is an introvert and man of few words. He uses this as an excuse to get out of having to talk to people sometimes
8. Not sporty. He is willing to give sports a try but really is not that excited about it.  
9. Sleeps with a little plush creeper.
10. Is the resident masseuse. He is always giving back rubs to his Papa. He is the master and finding the knots and rubbing them out. 
11. Eats just about everything. This boy can put away a lot of groceries!
12. Always the last one to head to bed after giving us "just one more" hug and kiss good night. 
13. Still speaks his Bardar language at times.

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