Monday, December 19, 2016

Piano Recital

 To finish off the semester we always have a piano recital.    Each of the kids played the pieces they had been learning and practicing since August.

Molly played a simplified version of the primary song "I pray in Faith".  I gave the kids the challenge this summer to each pick a Hymn to learn to play.  The older three had actual hymns from the hymnbook but I let Molly do a simplified song.

 Ian played his Hymn as well for the recital. He picked Battle Hymn of the Republic. Why do boys always seem to like that Hymn? The Elders on my mission used to always pick that one for district meetings and such.
Ian also played the theme to one of his favorite computer games,  Kerbal Space Program. He went and found the piece online and printed it out himself and asked the piano teacher to help him learn it.

 Sophia played two of the songs from the Jane Austen piano book I have. She played "My Father's favorite" from the movie Sense and Sensibilitiy and also the End titles to the movie Emma.  She did a lovely job!

 Somehow I missed taking a picture of Henry at the piano. He started off the recital and I took a movie of him but forgot to snap a picture as well.  So here he is in the audience. He played his Hymn, For the beauty of the Earth and This is Halloween from the Nightmare before Christmas.

 This is what papa did through most of the recital. With 30 kids all playing many of them just beginners tapping out songs it can get kinda long and tedious so Ticket to Ride helped to pass the time.

BTW, this is a great app. We are addicted to it at our house. It is nice because a game goes pretty quickly. If we have a  five to 10 min wait we can get a game in, no problem. 

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