Monday, December 19, 2016

Light the World

We have been trying to follow the Light the World campain the church has promoted for the Christmas season. We are lighting the world by following Christ's example. Each day there is a different activity that Christ did that we can find a way to do also.  Some days have been very simple small things and other days we fall short and can't think of something we could do to emulate that act. But even if we don't actually perform the action on that day it has been really nice to think about Jesus each day and remember the many ways in which he served. It is also nice to see that we can serve others too in many different ways and that we already do many of these things in our daily lives already. 

 So here we are not actually helping someone to walk who was lame but this poor dog's owner was so sick and unable to take her out for her usual walks. We volunteered to take her out to the park and run her around for awhile. The kids had fun and the dog got out to run around. The dog's owner also got to rest up not worrying about her dog.

 The sickness lasted awhile so we came each day to take her out for her afternoon walks. The kids in the household took care of the morning and evening walks. We came for the afternoon stroll.

 On another day we saw a neighbor out trying to hang all her Christmas lights by herself. They go all out and had tons of strings of lights to hang so we all pitched in and wrapped lights around pillars and into trees.
 I think we counted this one as helping someone to "see". We were stringing lights for all the neighborhood to see.

We have donated clothes, took soup to the sick neighbor, said prayers, sang songs, and much more. It has been a great advent season as we try to follow Christ's example and help others each day in many different ways.

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