Monday, December 19, 2016

So I got a new Iphone/camera

So we have finally entered the world of smart phones. We are almost always the last ones to jump onto any new technology. We make due with what we have for as long as we can but it was getting to the point where our productivity was being effected. I couldn't receive group texts for some reason on my little flip phone and more and more I was missing things that I needed to see.  This along with a multitude of other reasons finally brought us to the apple store to purchase cute little iphones. We even ditched our old cellular company and went with someone new. 

Here is my first picture taken with my brand new, just taken out of the box and just set up with a service, iphone. I got the pinkish colored one. My husband just got boring old silver.  The only problem as been our old Mac computer. It is so old it won't update the operating system anymore.  It wouldn't speak to the new phones. And the Mac computer we bought only a year ago has been having tech issues and kept dying on us. It would just turn off completely, at random moments. It had to go to the Engineers at Apple to get fixed.  So for almost a month now. I have had this great phone but no way to sync it to a computer.  No iTunes, no uploading pictures, nothing.  Finally, just last night,  the iMac came back from "camp" and hopefully the problem is solved.

Just this morning I have uploaded all my pictures that I have taken over the past month, synced with my iTunes, spent a good hour and a half on the "fixed" computer and still no crashing. So it is looking good that the problem is fixed.

So now I just need to do a little catch up before the end of the year and we should be GREAT!

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