Monday, December 19, 2016

We have become cat people

I have found that we take a lot of pictures of our cats. The kids love to point out the crazy places they climb into or the silly things they are doing and of course that means they grab my phone to snap pictures too.

 Pishu really likes the Christmas tree. It is like his own little play place all full of toys for him to bat at, bite, knock off, or pull down.

 Mostly he likes to nap under it.

Pezzy is a little big but still thinks she is a little kitten and tries to climb up the tree. She is pretty high in these pictures. 

The other day the kids decided to sort out all their legos into colors.  Huge piles of legos dumped on the living room floor. 

The cats were curious so they came to investigate. Pishu decided to take over the Red box. He doesn't quite fit in that little box but he lay there for quite awhile as if it was really comfortable. 

He wasn't getting enough attention in the red box so switched to the grey.
 This little guy is very cute.

Molly sure likes to play with this big kitten.
 They both gets lots of attention at our house!
 Usually they just want to be left alone. Pezzy here doesn't look like she was too happy with my for taking her picture.
 Oh no! Pezzy in the tree again!

They keep our days lively and are part of the family.

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