Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fulfilling a Promise

My kids love the beach but we don't go often enough for them. I made a promise to them a few months ago that over the Summer we would go at least once a month. That only commits me to three times over the course of the season.

Here it is June 29th and we still hadn't been to the beach. Most of the month of June has been cool with weather only in the 70's so we just haven't felt the draw to head to the beach. This week it started to really feel like Summer. We have had temperatures up in the 90's. We have had to actually turn on our AC at home so that we aren't cranky every afternoon. So we decided we had to go to the beach this weekend. Today was the day!

Molly was very excited about our trip to the beach. She has been talking about it all week. She kept telling me she would only play in the sand and not play in the waves since she can't swim. 

 There was a lot of sand digging but Molly, who isn't afraid of anything ran out there into the waves too.
This little lady doesn't fear anything. She was right out there splashing and jogging in the waves too. I had to constantly remind her to come back in and not go so far out. 
 Sophie spent a good amount of her time looking for and catching sand crabs.

The beach was also covered with shells and sand dollars. Most of them were broken but she found a few intact ones.

The boards were the biggest draw. We splurged this week and bought two boards to take with us to the beach. When we have gone with friends we have taken turns with their boards but we thought we needed to have some of our own.

Henry spent most of his time going farther and farther out so he could catch the biggest waves and ride them in.

Sophie was a bit more cautious and didn't go out quite as far but still had a good time in the waves.

 Ian and Henry spent almost the whole time out there in the cold water. The water is always pretty cold here. You only sort of get used to it but the fun of the waves keeps you out there even if you are shivering. I know this from experience. I too got a turn with a board and spent a bit of time out there in the water riding in on the waves. The kids can't have all the fun!

 It was a great day at the beach.

I still have two more trips to go before I have completed my promise. July looks pretty busy but Molly is already talking about going to the beach for her birthday. That looks like it would fit into the schedule so we will hit the sand and waves again then.

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