Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lego Quest Assignment #1 - Two Dimensions

The other day, during one of my ventures into Pinterest land I wandered onto a website called Lego Quest. My kids love and play with legos all the time so I had to find out what Lego Quest was all about.  
Since school is winding down for Summer and legos would be out more often I figured this was something we could do.  I liked the idea of giving my kids challenges that they had to complete using their own imaginations and the legos we have available.  I should have started with challenge #1 from Lego Quest but since my kids design cars all the time I jumped to a different one. I gave them the two dimensional challenge. This of course means they needed to create a picture using legos rather than an object. This isn't something they have ever really done so I figured we would start with something they don't or haven't done with legos before. 

 Sophie is all about dragons lately so, of course, she made a dragon picture with legos.
 Henry thought this assignment was rather difficult. He had a harder time switching from 3 dimensions to the limitations of only 2. His house fills the assignment.

 Ian made a little man. At first he made it all red but I asked him to go back and put some clothes on his little man. I think he looks a little like Ianstein.

 The kids had fun with this first assignment on their lego quest. I am sure we will be doing more of these assignments as the Summer progresses.

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