Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three more Lego Quests - Vessel, Maze and Creature

My kids are still excited to get a new Lego Quest each day. Assignment #3 was a vessel. Which I interpreted to mean something that could hold water. 

 Ian made a mug.
 Here is Molly showing how it pours out small legos.
 Henry hasn't been doing the challenges. He is too busy building other things.
 Sophie made a goblet.
 Molly decided to join in with the challenges and broke out her duplo bricks to build her own goblet.
 The next day I gave them the task of building a maze.
Here is Sophie's.
 In the lower left corner is a pack of dogs and toward the bottom right is a little ruby crystal which is the goal. Hagrid is at the entrance.
Molly again broke out her duplo legos and made her own maze. Wendy (from Bob the builder) is running through it. The house with the doors is the goal.
 Here is what Ian came up with. It is hard to tell what is going on. This one actually has a ladder and the little alien figure is at the end of the maze which is raised up. I guess I should of gotten pictures from the side or a better angle. I wasn't thinking!
 Assignment #5 was to build a creature.

Can you guess who made this dragon?
 Actually she told me it is a Pheonix.
 Here is Molly's bird.
 Ian went micro and build a little mini dog.
 Isn't he cute!
 Henry again didn't participate. He was building something else. He keeps looking up the directions to build Harry Potter sets that we don't have. He tries to build them with the parts we have in our box. Often he has to improvise and use something that is similar but not quite the same as what the directions call for.
So are we tired of seeing lego creations yet? There is only about 45 more lego assignments on the Lego Quest website.  I don't know if we will make it through them all.  But since my kids keep asking me to give them their next task I guess I will keep looking to see what the next one will be.

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