Monday, June 3, 2013

Lego Quest Assignment #2 - Monochromatic

My kids begged me to give them their next assignment for Lego Quest moments after finishing the first. I made them wait. I explained that they would get one challenge a day.  So assignment #2 was to build something Monochromatic. They each had to choose a color and  build something using only that color.  Sophie chose the color green, Ian picked up the large box of white and Henry settled on red. This is what they each came up with.

 Sophie built some sort of shrine.  There is a dragon (Norbert from a Harry Potter set) on an alter. I told you she is rather dragon focused at the moment. I guess the leprechaun counts as green since he is dressed all in this lovely emerald color but he does have a yellow face and hands.

Ian is very good at building ships. So I wasn't surprised when this white ship took form.
 Look at all the details on the wings. He didn't just build a ship but he decorated it too.
 Since the nose of the plane has stickers on that piece, I let him get away with the bit of red.

Henry built a red house, complete with fence and picnic table.
 Later he added a little red chicken so I guess this is a chicken house.
 The Lego quest is going well so far. The kids are enjoying these short little challenges.   I guess I better go and make sure I know what the assignment is for tomorrow. I have a feeling they will be asking me for the next quest soon.

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Desiree said...

Wow, great builds! I might have to start these with my kids. What a great summer assignment.