Saturday, June 1, 2013

Co-op End of Year Performance

Sorry these pictures are horrible. It is somewhat difficult to get a decent shot in the gym while trying to keep Molly from running around or talking too loudly. 

The last few months the kids have been working on a number of skits at co-op. They decided that instead of doing one long play this year they would do several short pieces. 

Sophie was in several different pieces. She was the Narrator for the youngest kids play Where the Wild Things Are. This was the play I was in charge of directing. It was all the kids Kindergarden age and younger. So I had a bunch of kids that got to act like wild things and one little girl was Max. Molly was one of the Wild Things. 

 Sophie was also in one skit called The Four Yorkshire men. This is a comedy skit from Monty Python.

 Mostly the four girls were dressed like men and sat around telling tall tales about their youth.  The girls did a great job.

She also had background roles in a veggie tales skit called Busy Blues, a silent movie skit one of older kids thought up, and she was Laertes in the Shakespeare Death Scenes. All the older kids wanted to do a play with a death scene so they chose to do one skit that goes through many of the different death scenes from different Shakespeare plays. Here is one version on Youtube done with only two guys. Ours had about 20 kids each taking different parts. But the most important thing was that they all got to die multiple times.

Ian and Henry were in a play called Too Many Movies. One of the moms in our group wrote this one for the group of kids from 8-12.  Henry played the main boy who is asleep in his bed and wakes up several times because different movie characters came into his room through his t.v. Ian played Harry Potter who duels Voldemort.  The boy, Henry, was also visited by Peter Pan and Captain Hook along with some pirates and Wendy.  Luke and Darth Varder have a light sabor battle, Indiana Jones steals an idol and escapes darts and even a boulder and finally Glinda the good witch from Wizard of Oz shows Henry how to "go home".
 Each of the characters leaves the stage leaving behind swords, ropes, snakes and such. Mom comes in to wake the boy at the end and tells him to clean his room. It was a very cute play and the kids had a really great time preparing and performing it.

Along with the different skits the co-op choir did a few songs between acts.
Ian even performed his solo part of  Pie Jesu and did such a fantastic job!

I am happy the performance is finally come and gone. With this behind us we can start to really relax and enjoy a few months off before we start again in the Fall. 

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