Thursday, June 27, 2013

Science Movies

During the hot afternoons in the Summer my kids usually want to be indoors enjoying the AC. This is when we put on a movie. They almost always pick a science video. Lately they have been watching Popular Mechanics for Kids. I have borrowed every disk the library has on the shelves. My kids love these! 

They like them even more than Bill Nye the Science Guy. Over the years we have watched just about every episode he ever made. My kids enjoy his antics but don't like the music video he always uses to close the show. The rap song is obnoxious so they jump up quickly and turn the show off so they don't have to hear it. 

The Schlessinger videos about different science topics have always been a favorite too. But usually these are matched up with what science topic we are studying so it isn't as much of a pleasure pick. The kids still enjoy them but they are more academic.

Even though it started as an academic movie Raging Planet has been one show my kids keep visiting even though we aren't specifically studying weather any more. Thank goodness Netflix has a few good science shows on their instant watch! This is one my kids have really enjoyed.

Speaking of Netflix instant watch..... How it's made has been on our queue for a long time. My kids visit different episodes quite often.

I am happy my kids find science so interesting.
If they are going to be watching something at least it is science.

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