Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cheaper by the Dozen

While the weather has been a bit too hot to do much out of doors. We spent a most afternoons inside listening to an Audio book. I picked out Cheaper by the Dozen. It has been on my "to listen" list for quite a while. I hadn't ever read the book but I remember watching the movie when I was younger. 

My kids love this book and we all found our selves busting out laughing during quite a bit of it. The Gilbreth kids knew how to tell the stories of their childhood in such a way that brought you right into the action. We could picture them all piled into the car for their long road trips. And the father explaining that they knew every bush, shrub and clump of trees along their route. And I could relate to the mother saying she never wanted to take her kids on another cross country train trip again. I only have 4 and not twelve. She had a lot more patience than I do!

Once we finished the book I told the kids there was a movie and they really wanted to see it so we were happy that the library had a copy.
My kids agreed that as usual the movie wasn't nearly as good as the book, but that it was fun to watch. When I mentioned to Sophie that there is a second book and that we have it on the shelves somewhere. She went to find it. She found both the original and With Bells on their Toes.

I know there is a movie of this book as well. So I have a feeling we will be revisiting the Gilbreth family again very soon!

There is a bit of swearing and taking the Lord's name in vain used in this book. It is depicted as bad behavior but my kids were a bit shocked by it so I thought I would warn any that would like to add these books to their "to read" or "to listen" lists.

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